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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Help wanted! So, one of the many things we are working on right now is our new blog design with Sarah of Sadie Olive. I need to send her our updated logo and let her know what colors I want to use. This has been a bit of a tough decision for me. For the past year we have been using chocolate brown and ivory as our main colors. I really love this look and the vintage, yet still fun feel these colors have. One of the problems we have run into, though, is that the browns print differently every time. It drives me insane! The "dear lillie" and little bird silhouette are supposed to be a tan color but several times now, we have received a new set of notecards or business cards and it has looked like a nasty mucus green color! Because of that, I have been wanting to mess around with the colors a bit before I send everything on over to Sarah. For this first one I just changed the color of "dear lillie" to a more grayish hue. I think this is probably what I will stick with, but after playing around a bit with a few other colorways I am having a hard time knowing for sure. I would love to know what you all think!

Option 1 Option 2 - I tried adding a bit of color and going with a very muted blue

Option 3 - Dark Grey with tan - I think this is my second favorite.

Option 4 - Lighter Grey with Black

Option 5 - This is my least favorite, I think.

What do you all think? Any opinions? I would love to hear!!!!!!!!!

And here are a few pictures from
Fourth of July weekend.

My mom made Lillie this adorable little Fourth of July skirt! What is THAT face?
Of course, Lillie loves playing in the dirt Uncle Jason pulling Lillie around in her little doll wagon. Of course, Lillie didn't want to pull the teeny tiny wagon - she wanted to ride in it! Poor Jason and Josh - I don't know how their backs weren't killing after pulling her around for forever like this! She has had SOOOOO much fun playing with her new little wagon! I don't know if Uncle Josh has been having quite as much fun! =)

I hope you all are having a great week! And don't forget to check back as we will be hosting a nice and easy giveaway for our next post!


  1. I think, the 5th is the best. In other pictures the background is too dominating for me. The 2nd choice would be the number 3.
    Good luck! :)

  2. I really like options 4 and 5, actually. I like that the Dear Lillie stands our (for me) the most in those two.

  3. I like #5 the best! But the one with the mutted blue is nice, too.

  4. Option 4 is my favorite and option 2 would be my second favorite.

    Lillie looks like she is having SO much fun in that little wagon! Great pictures! And I would LOVE to know where you guys got the pink vintage car from your other post. Those pictures just made me smile - unbelievably adorable!

  5. Girl I am in the same boat!!! I'm in the middle of picking a logo and can't seem to decide!!! Grr! I've been thinking about doing what your doing, ask for help! I always seem to give advice freely and quickly but when it comes to my own home or whatever I can't seem to make up my mind!!!
    I think my favorite is #2. I like the pop of color, It makes Dear Lillie really stand out and the same with the bird. It offers distinction. I actually like #5 but it's a huge difference from what you had. Maybe do a pop of color with #5 and you might like it better.
    I may follow suit and get permission from the lady I'm working with to let me do a vote because I REALLY can't make up my mind!! I think I'm driving her crazy!!
    LOVE that pic of Lillie with "THAT" face!! ha ha!! I started laughing when I saw it and started laughing harder when I saw her in her wagon!! lol!! Paris does the same thing...squeezes herself into small boxes and what not:)

  6. i am awful at deciding important things like this for myself but i love your choices! options 2 & 4 are my favorites! in option 2 i love the blue title and in option 4 i love the soft gray with the cream and black title! very chic and simple! just what i like! i cant wait to see which one you go with! good luck!

  7. i am for #2 - you are still sticking with your style just adding that little pop of color! just seems the most dear lillie to me without changing it drastically, which options below kinda feel like a lil bit to me, they are very pretty, but to me not as dainty and vintage?!

    lillie skirt is so cute - go your mama! she rocks with her sewing skills! love lillie in the wagon and dirt! we are loving dirt here in az right now!

    good luck with your decision! i am sure it is a tough one! i know you want our help, but go with what your gut tells you!

  8. I love option #4. They are all great though, you can't go wrong. Good luck!

  9. number 4 pops out- i like the coloring of it best.

    your 4th of july images are Beautiful!

  10. hmm, I like 2 and 4 personally. Both are pretty. Whatever you decide will be lovely I'm sure. :)

  11. I like options 1 & 2. If it were mine however I would probably do a blue-gray kind of in-between those two options. A little more blue than the 1st one but not as bright as the 2nd one. Sorry if this complicates things more. I'm just nit picky :) Good luck! And lovely photos btw. Looks like she had great fun!

    MomTog Diaries

  12. Option #2, I like the best. That pic of Lillabel and Josh is great! Love it! Hope you are having fun in NH. I've got one more day here in Maine then flying to see B. xo.

  13. I like 2 and 4! But I like anything you do!!! Miss you guys!!!! LOVE seeing the pics. LOVE the skirt! Lillie is sooooo lucky! You can see everyones LOVE for her in every pic! Hugs Jenn

  14. I like 3 and 5 =)

    I just found your blog link from your cousin, and I'm in love! You're daughter is the cutest!!

  15. Really like them all, but I'm kinds drawn to option 4 :)!

  16. Definitely like option 4 - it gives a modern twist to the vintage detail. Good luck!

  17. I like 4 the best, and 3 would be my second favorite. Can't wait to see all the new things!

  18. #2 is my favorite also. Love the pop of color. Lillabel is so sweet and I love the 4th of July skirt your mom made for her. Hope to see that in the shop someday. :)

  19. Thank you all so much for your opinions! It has really helped us. We have it narrowed down to either 4 or 2 except on two we would switch the blue to black. Hopefully we will make a final decision later today and will let you all know when we do our next post which will be a TUTU GIVEAWAY!!!

  20. Love option 2 and option 4....I'm a more is more gal so the touch of color in 2 speaks to me....and it draws your eye to the name of your business. The photos of your daughter are adorable!

  21. I vote for 4 too:) I just love those colors though;)

  22. So glad to hear you are having a great time! LOVE all the photos of Lillie, she is just sooooooo adorable...those cheeks are so kissable!
    She reminds me of my daughter Morgan when she was younger--the little piggie tails and full cheeks....pure love!

    I love all your options so really no help from me, lol! I do really like #2 though, IF I had to choose?

    Hoping you will include some darling children's designs in your shop when you reopen--your mom does an amazing job on those sweet, girly styles.

    Enjoy your day,

    Baton ROuge, LA

  23. I love option 4!

  24. Option 2 is my favorite... the soft pastel of blue caught my eye over the natural colors. ;-)

  25. Jenni, I miss you and your shop!! :( hurry up and reopen!! ha. Seriously, I need some tutus. :)

    Anyway, I like the splash of color in #2, but I think either #4 or #5 is my fave. :)

    I hope you are well and having fun with your family. xoxo

  26. I have been trying to post a comment on here for days but I have been having issues with this white box :(

    I like #2 with the blue and I know you said #5 was your least favorite but I really like it.

    Love the little outfit your mom made Lillie, it is darling. And those blue eyes of hers are so gorgeous.

  27. I know what ever she does you are going to love! What about the vintage green background with tan lettering or vice versa. I like the last one best I tin out of all of them, or Maybe dark grey with pink?

  28. My favorite is #2, but #5 is also nice.


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