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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tutus, Baking and a Black Bear

As I mentioned in my last post I have so many things to blog about but haven't had time. I have been staying up so late trying to get caught up on everything. I am finally finished with three new screenprinted designs. I am really happy with two of them but still need to play with the third one a tad more. I have three or four other new designs I am about mid-way through. I will share some of those images soon. In the mean-time here are some pictures we took of Lillian on Sunday evening in the Remington Tutu and then the Juliet Tutu in Autumn (it is an autumn version of the original Juliet Tutu. It quickly became one of our most popular selling tutus this spring and we thought it would be fun to make a version that would be fun for the upcoming fall season). She was not in the mood to take pictures so I figured we weren't going to get any usable shots. I was so excited when I put them on my computer, though, because that first one I posted is one of my new favorites. The lighting was so wonderful (that lens flare is not photoshopped in - it is real). I also have some pictures of a little baking session Jason did with Lillie. I have some of them painting some birdhouses with Jake, too, but will post those tomorrow.

The Remington Tutu
The Juliet Tutu in Autumn (shoes by Joyfolie)

Jason decided to do some baking with Lillie. We thought it was best they used a mix instead of baking from scratch seeing how I don't know if Jason had ever baked cookies before, himself! =) According to Jason they were gross and homemade from scratch ones are much better. Personally, though, I thought they were quite delicious! (Oh, and Jason picked out her attire that day, in case you were wondering why she is wearing a Notre Dame cheerleading outfit and an oversized clip!)

Hurry up, Uncle Jason! I am ready to start baking!

Licking the bowl at the end is definitely the best part of baking!

I also have a picture of a black bear! Oh, the things you see in New Hampshire - haha! Just a few weeks ago there was a moose on our (or I guess I should say my parent's, seeing how I technically only live here during the month of July now) property, which was pretty neat because we call my parent's home "Moose Mountain" and there are always turkey, deer, ducks, woodchucks and about everything else you can imagine roaming around. On Saturday we went over to my sister Jamie, and her husband Josh's house for a cookout. I cannot wait to share pictures of their new home and am hoping to in about two weeks or so of their kitchen and dining room. Eventually I will show you pictures of everything - it is an absolutely GORGEOUS home - but they are building it themselves and those are the only two rooms that are almost finished. We are going to do some antiquing while we are in Maine this weekend and once we get back want to add a few more touches to some things and then I will take some pictures to share. Sorry, I am getting sidetracked! Anyway, Lillie and I were eating dinner at their house on Saturday with my cousin, Cathy, her husband, Jason and their four kids. After we ate we brought the kids out to play. We hadn't been outside long when a neighbor came by to inform us there was a black bear in their backyard which abutts Jamie and Josh's! Most normal people would probably have raced inside but we actually decided to go check it out. We went over onto the road so we wouldn't be too close to it. Well, by the time we got there it was nowhere to be found. We were all busy looking for it when we heard Cathy gasping and trying to speak. Sure enough the bear had been behind a woodpile and was literally standing right in front of us!!!! It was quite scary but actually incredibly cool too! Suprisingly, all but one of the kids weren't really scared at all! I think they were excited! I didn't get any pics of it while we were super close to it, but I did get one of it running away. It is a HORRIBLE photograph, but I figured I had better show some proof! Haha! I had my portrait lens on and not a zoom one, so there was no zooming in on the bear. You can see how close we were to it as he was running away so you can only imagine how close he was before he took off! (Please no comments about how stupid it was of us to look for the bear - our parents and just about everyone else we told have already taken care of that - haha!)

Here everyone is off to check out the bear! Jamie looks quite thrilled at the idea!
And here is the black bear running off

And don't forget to enter our nice and easy tutu giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment! Just scroll down to the post below!


  1. Love your blog and everything you make!

  2. Hi Dear Lillie:

    Your lillie is so adorable and cute. The tutu's are marvelous.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing photos with us.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. Omgosh!!! Jenni! You are truly brave!! Radford is in the mountains so we get to see deer mostly but so far no bears!!
    Love the new tutus!! Lillie is the perfect model and I think my favorite pose of her is of her laughing with her mouth wide open! It's her signature laugh!!;) LOVE!! It is just too cute!! =)
    Can't wait to see the new T's!!

  4. Ok, seriously! How is your little girl SO cute? I mean, baking with a cheerleading outfit on? Wearing TuTus and sitting in crates? She's a real heart-melter. :)
    I look forward to all of your new stuff!

  5. Beautiful tutus! Your little girl looks like a baby princess in those first pictures! So cute!

  6. Love all the new pics! Those pics of Lillabel in the crate are adorable! Can't wait to see all the new things you guys are creating! Love you!

  7. Love the tutu with the big brown flower. Cool color combos that I wouldn't think of for the little tots. I may have to get mine a tutu now after seeing them on so many other little girls.

  8. Lillabel looks so cute baking cookies with her uncle....& those tutus. Gorgeous as always! I really miss your shop. Looking forward to buying a tutu when you return. xoxo

  9. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Maine. We live up there in the summer and I'm always looking for places to antique up there.

    Oh and watch out where you go this weekend in Maine as Obama is up there visiting so it will be crazy where he is.


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