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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birdhouses with Jason and the Beautiful Abigail Grace

Lillie has been having so much fun since she has been up here. I am afraid she is going to be bored out of her mind when we finally return to Williamsburg next month. I am suddenly going to seem VERY dull to her! One of the many activities she has enjoyed doing up here was birdhouse painting. When my brother called me the day before we even left to drive up to NH to tell me he had an "activity" for Lillie planned, I was quite skeptical. He's a 21 year old male, so I figured his activity was going to be something completely ridiculous (as his ideas often are). I thought it was so sweet, though, when he told me he had bought two wooden birdhouses to paint with her, although I was thinking in my head that it was still a crazy idea. Did he not realize she is just 19 months old and is going to have no clue how to paint and will probably just make a huge mess and last about 30 seconds? Was I ever wrong! She was completely enraptured by it. Jason's best friend Jake, was over, and joined in the fun. She took it so seriously. It was hilarious and sooooo adorable! And although she has seen Jake a million times, she fell madly in love with him that night. After they finished painting she snuggled up to him on the couch (and I mean as close as humanly possible - she had herself wedged up underneath his armpit and was gripping onto his shirt so he wouldn't move) and gave him a million kisses. She refused to let him leave and when he finally did she cried! It was so funny! Anyway, here are some pictures of them working on their birdhouses.
Jason kept trying to make her paint on the bottom so it wouldn't ruin his design (but as you can see at the end, his painting job wasn't all that much to brag about either)

And here she is with her newest and definitely most serious crush to date:

Here is the finished product - it is rather sad to say, but it is hard to tell what Lillie painted and what Jake and Jason painted - haha!
And last, but most certainly not least, here is a preview from a little photo session we did with my cousin Cathy and her husband Jason's youngest child, Abigail Grace. Isn't she gorgeous? It was raining when they got here but it ended up stopping just long enough for us to get a handful of shots. Here is one of my favorites. I will post more once I edit them!
Okay, that's it for now. I still have lots to do tonight. We are all headed off to Maine tomorrow morning for the weekend and Jon flies in on Saturday to meet us there for a couple of days before heading back out on the recruiting trail. I can't wait to see him and I know poor little Lillie is dying to see her Daddy! Every time the phone has rung these past two weeks she squeals and runs for it saying "Dadda, Dadda"!

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  1. So sweet to see grown men playing and spending time with Lillie! I love it!!:)
    Love the Mary Poppins shirt!

  2. Thanks, Prencie! They are going to love that you called them "grown men" us they still seem like they are twelve - haha!

  3. So incredibly sweet Jenni. Lillabel has the sweetest little pout in that 2nd picture. A future heart breaker for sure! xo

  4. Hi! I found your lovely blog via Pretties and Posies, love your pictures and Lillie is so sweet!!! Hugs, Zaira

  5. Love the bird houses! That was so sweet of your brother! What a great uncle!

  6. AWWWWW! LOVE all the cute pics esp. the one with her kissing her crush!

  7. ooh how adorable. Your Lillie always has the cutest expressions and sweetest smile.....I just want to give her a little hug!

    LOVE the new photos--it looks like the boys had a great time entertaining Lillie--the bird house looks precious and what a special keepsake of their fun day.

    Thank you so much for choosing our quote--we are HUGE fans of not only the quote...but the image you chose as well. Morgan was squealing with delight when she saw it......

    Have a great day,

    Debra & Morgan
    Baton Rouge, LA

  8. Positively adorable photos & such a sweet post!

  9. The new tees are going to be adorable, love the quotes.

    Lillie is so cute painting with Jason. That was really sweet of him to think of a project for her, what a great uncle. Her little crush on Jake is so sweet :)


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