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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Audrey Hepburn Tutu

Sometimes I HATE hotmail! This is the third time in the last 6 months or so that a whole page of e-mails disappeared. This weekend I finally began to attack our inbox which I had pretty much ignored since the last few weeks I was pregnant with Lorelei. It was quite the task but I had made it most of the way through (and vowed to myself to NEVER get that behind again!) when the whole second page of e-mails disappeared with the last 20 or so I still needed to respond to. So, if you wrote us any time between March and mid-July and did not get an e-mail back this past weekend (hopefully the majority of you did get yours) please let me know or resend your e-mail and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

As we prepare to reopen we have been busy reshooting some of our products. We are changing quite a few things about how we will be selling items and one of the biggest things that will be different is that everything that is for sale will be ready to ship. We hope that this will help make things much easier for everyone as we continue to grow and expand. The biggest change we will be making is that we will be moving from Etsy to our own website. We think this will be so much more user friendly as you will be able to purchase multiple items in different sizes all at once and not have to wait for things to be relisted. I am planning to do a full post soon with all of the details on the upcoming changes which I am so excited about! Anyway, the size of the photos is different on our new site so there are quite a few products that I have been retaking pictures of including the Audrey Hepburn Tutu:

Lucky for me Lillie, like most kids, is enthralled with planes and one flew overhead right as she plopped down!


Jamie and Lillie

I hope you all have a most wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Your photos look as beautiful as ever, Jennifer. The light looks so nice. That would be so maddening to lose a bunch emails, maybe you should try gmail or something.

    xo Tricia

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love your daughter's hair in these pictures.

    I suggest you try using Yahoo mail! It's free and reliable!

  3. wow, you take such great pictures Jennifer, and Lillie is soooo cute! Thank goodness for airplanes!

  4. Love that view! The dirt road is always such a great backdrop for your photos.

  5. Lillie is adorable but that last shot stole my heart!

  6. Your daughter is so beautiful and lovely!
    have anice day

  7. gorgeous! and I love that photo of Jamie twirling and the last one looking at the house!!


  8. I adore your photography! It's a treat to go along with every post. But the las pic! Oh, my! Touched me! I had to Pin it!

  9. Hi...

    I like so much of yours images and photos.. congrats! Sensible and with many life inside...


    (sorry, my english is not so good... I'm brasilian)

  10. Look forward to the new site! Can't wait to go shopping!!
    Beautiful pics.
    Happy Day :)

  11. Simply gorgeous photos. I just adore your site, your girls, your style!


  12. Can't wait to see your new website! And, I think we're all in love with that last photo...


  13. Oh a beautiful blog,wonderful photos,nice ideas,ilove your blog.Love greetings from austria-edith.

  14. Beautiful!! I can't wait until your new store opens! xo

  15. your pictures are lovely lillie is adorable xx

  16. Just love these photos!

    I design custom dress forms and I have been wanting to do a child's form. This tutu would be perfect for display. Are these availa ble now?

    Oh how I love our blog an d shop,

    Starview Sonnet

  17. Such a cutie pie and such beautiful photos Jennifer~ xo Rachel

  18. Stunning photos and Lillie is such a doll.....a beautiful little girl. She looks darling in the Audrey Hepburn tutu. I also love the photos of your sister with Lillie. Hope your week is going well.

  19. Thanks everyone! Cori - no, our shop isn't open yet. We have been closed since right before Lola was born. We will reopen September 1st and those tutus will be in stock.

  20. Love the ones where she is looking up in awe. So beautiful!

  21. Hope you are having a wonderful August! I love to look at pictures of your girls--their eyes are just luminous! So beautiful.

    I'm your Aunt Patty's next-door neighbor. . . can you believe Lauren is off to college? My middle son Preston and Lauren are both going to Patty and Jeff's alma mater. I see a bit of Lauren in your photos here--I guess there's a family resemblance! Y'all are such a gorgeous family.

    Take care!

  22. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to order this tutu for my girls!

  23. I love all the pics but really need to know where I can get that little black tutu from. Just what my daughter wants for her flowergirl.

    1. Unfortunately we no longer carry our tutus. If we ever do begin making them again at any point, we will definitely be announcing it on the blog and also on our facebook page.


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