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Thursday, August 4, 2011


If you have read this blog for a while now you know how much I love the beautiful shoes by Joyfolie.  When I first was introduced to them by one of our customers I was so excited to go and purchase something for Lillie. Well, I quickly realized it was not so easy to buy a pair. In fact, it was nearly impossible. Every time Jessica listed a new batch of them in her shop they sold out almost immediately. And when I say immediately I literally mean in seconds. Imagine my surprise when one day I received an e-mail from her regarding an item in our store and the next thing I knew we had struck up a wonderful friendship and the next thing I know we did a little trade and I got a whole bundle of exquisite shoes for Lillie from her.  In fact, in two of my favorite photos of Lillie she is wearing a pair of Joyfolie's:

Jessica even recently sent us matching versions of the Piper for both Lillie and Lola!

So, you are probably wondering why I am telling you about them. Well, Jessica has started having her shoes manufactured to keep up with the demand for them and she currently has three different pairs in stock and is offering
a 25% discount 
on these shoes to all of you for the next three days! 
Just type in the code DEARLILLIE at checkout!

This pair is my favorite!

And if you want some wonderful inspiration be sure to check out Jessica's blog!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Oh My. I have never seen shoes like this....and I've been around :) Stunning. I want the ones that are sold out :(

  2. Oh my word, is Lillie your daughter? She's absolutely beautiful and the two pictures of her here have put such a smile on my face!

    What a wonderful blog this is, I love it!

    Thanks for posting these wonderful photies!



  3. I used to be a children's clothing rep and I just love these shoes and everything clothing/footwear/accessories related for children! I miss those shoes in NYC and Charlotte! These are just so adorable, I can see why they sell out so quickly. Hmm, maybe I could borrow a friend's child so that I could buy a few pair?! ;-)

    Kat :)

  4. Those are THE most adorable shoes! I love the blue pair that Lillie is wearing while pushing the baby carriage ~ too cute!

  5. Lillie reminds me of the Eloise Wilkin kids (like in Baby Dear)in that photo with the buggy! Precious- and the shoes are cute, too!

  6. These are the coolest, cutest, little shoes! Thanks for this post. I've got to check them out. Have wonderful rest of your day :)

  7. I think I was a bit too late! There are only 3 styles available. So sad! The 'sold out' pairs are SUPER cute!!!

  8. these are adorable. I crave the last pair; the red and scarlet ones . . in an adult size for ME !

    they would also be lovely with some of the children's clothing I create:

  9. Beautiful photos and adorable little outfits! Love the black tutu and the pretty shoes!


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