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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Little Cheerleaders and a Peek at the Curtains

There have been a few times these past few weeks where Lillie has actually wanted to let me take her picture (she normally HATES having her photo taken). I was quite excited when she was all smiley for me yesterday afternoon before we headed to the William and Mary game. Unfortunately, she doesn't sit still long enough to get much of a shot but still, it was nice to have her actually smiling. =)

Now, Lola on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with pictures!

A little happier now...
Lola's first tooth officially popped through on Friday and now she wants to eat everything....well, everything except actual food!

Lillie likes to takes pictures now too. She did a pretty good job on the shot but not so much on the focus. =) It was in manual mode, though, so not too bad for a three year old. Lola's wearing the first little outfit we bought for Lillie.

Here is Lillie in the same outfit that Lola's wearing - I can't believe how big she has gotten! (Or me - ahhh! There is no way I could fit in those jeans now - haha!)

I promise I will have some decorating posts soon. I painted one curtain on Friday and got it hung up (that's a picture from my phone below so it's kind of blurry) and I finished painting the other one last night and hope to get it hung after church! I am also finishing up some pillows and then I will take some updated photos of this room.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. SO cute!! And you're gorgeous...period. LOVE the way the curtains look! Painted some once for a friend and really loved how they turned out. Can't wait to see!

  2. Oh my goodness Jennifer your babies are so absolutely precious!!!

  3. arrr your girls are just the sweetest! Can't wait to see your curtains all done. I really love your tufted headboad...a lot! I've been scheming to make one...did you make yours by chance? Have a wonderful day : )

  4. I never get tired of looking at your shots of the girls! Maybe Lillie will be your apprentice behind the camera instead of in front!

  5. wow! what beautiful faces! you paint curtains? I can't wait to see more.


  6. I can never get over how beautiful your children are! Lillie is so cute in her cheerleading outfit!

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Stacey - I got it at!

    Amy - I think she will be pretty soon :)

  8. Great pictures. I think Lillie looks bigger everytime I see her. Your girls are adorable and you look great even if you can't fit in Those jeans . Looking forward to seeing the curtains finished and how-to.

  9. I have never seen such beautiful little Cheerleaders! And her shoes to match..and bows, she is precious!! I remember when my girl was little and dressed up in the Texas A & M uniform I bought her....those are the sweet times - so glad you captured it on film with Lillie! Wishing you a Happy Sunday! xo

  10. Absolutely adorable!! I can't believe Lillie took that photo of you and Lola... it is SO good, and you look so beautiful! Sweet, sweet girls... all of you;)

  11. How cute are those little cheerleaders..Too cute..and your cutains are beautiful..I have wanted to try this for my screened back porch..Did you use dropcloths as the fabric..

  12. P.S. Headline should read "Peek" ! (Sorry - couldn't resist!)

    Love your blog, your photos, your shop, the poetry in your girls' faces!


  13. Oh my gosh your little ladies are so cute! I have a one year old daughter Elle, and with me being a cheerleader back in the day I can't wait for her to follow! Too cute
    PS: The room looks lovely! Love the color and the decor.
    Hope you had a nice weekend

  14. Thanks!

    Janet - They're curtains from IKEA. I think they were just a basic white.

    Jacqueline - Thanks for catch! I wrote that post in the wee hours of morning... There always tends to be a lot of typos the next day :)

  15. Cute, cute. Love the ponytails. I remember when my son started turning the corner and finally accepted that his mom and her camera where going to be a permanent fixture in his life. Hurrah! Now if only I could convince my little girls...

  16. Sweet little kiddos! My 2 yr old chews her toes. Will be glad when all of her teeth come in! Don't know if I made it back over during Christmas to tell you, but I believe your hubby did the Christmas card 'odd pose' post, and shortly thereafter, someone posted a picture on Facebook of a family's Christmas card where they're all in the 'denim/khaki photography studio usual photo' except that they are all looking down at their ipod, cell phone, blackberry, nintendo, etc. Reminded me of your post.

  17. These drip with cuteness!!! See your photos always blesses me. Thank you for sharing your sweet little ones with us. Blessings, Anna

  18. Oh the girls are just so cute...these are the days...they go so quickly.

    YOU look fabulous too. You really ought to get in front of the camera a little more often trust me. I wish I had those photos of me with Will and Harry when they were toddling around. get hem while you are young and skinny:) LOL!

  19. you are all beautiful! i love their little outfits! you painted the curtains? they look really great! susan

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