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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Valentine's Pillows Restocked and The Ruler Growth Chart


We just wanted to quickly let you all know that we have restocked our Valentine's silhouette pillow cover, and the Je T'aime ones in 12 by 16 and a new size 12 by 20.

And we are super excited to announce that we are going to be selling our 
Ruler Growth Charts!
We plan on having them available Monday as well as possibly a few other new items if we can get them photographed in time. (The photos shown below are of the original one we did last fall. We will be rephotographing the news ones as we were more careful with the staining and more precise with marking the lines) but for now these images are of the original one that is a little messier.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. I am hoping to be back tomorrow with a tutorial if I have time to get to writing it up tonight. 


  1. Oooh, you just made my morning! I was devastated when Pottery Barn sold out because I love the ruler idea, plus instead of marking up your walls,the ruler serves as a beautiful piece and it's transferable. Count me in! Tanja

  2. I love the ruler idea. It looks really neat-o.

  3. Your home is so beautiful! I love the Valentine's pillows and the ruler is a wonderful idea.

  4. The growth measurement ruler is so cute! What a lovely idea. And the way it is designed would go with many decor styles!

  5. I just found your blog via my friend Mandy (a la Parisienne). SO glad I did.
    I would LOVE to share that settee makeover with my readers (with links back to you). I will await your approval of course.
    Pop by and let me know when you have a moment!

    Parisienne Farmgirl
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  6. Absolutely love the growth measurement ruler! I'm in!


  7. Oh my,that ruler is awesome..

  8. The ruler growth chart is wonderful! As well as being fun and functional, it's also a piece of art!

  9. Love the pillow covers! While out junkin' this week found two growth measurement rulers too! Love it!

  10. I love that ruler growth chart - perfect for taking with you if you move.

  11. How do you buy a ruler? Love it!

    1. Hi Mollee - You can purchase a ruler from our online shop ( They are sold out at the moment, but they will be back in stock @ 10:00 eastern on Tuesday April 3.


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