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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday Decorating for L. A. Burdick Chocolate

Back in October we went up and met with some lovely people at L. A. Burdick Chocolates and came up with a plan for them to decorate their shops and cafes in Boston, New York City and Walpole, NH for the upcoming holidays and then last weekend we traveled up and installed it in Boston and Walpole and earlier this week their staff installed it in New York. It was so much fun to incorporate the hot chocolate bar theme that we have used in our home over the last several years and create it on a much larger scale.

We used similar elements but lots more of them. We filled huge apothecary jars full of ingredients they use like hazelnuts, chocolate, and candied ginger. And then it's always fun to add in oversized cinnamon sticks. Here are images we took of the Boston store:

We used yards and yards of fresh cedar garland, beautiful fresh wreaths and lots of fresh seeded eucalyptus. Then we added in as many paperwhites as we could fit. They are my favorite! And we also added lots of little white lights (although most of the photos I took of the Boston store were before the lights were added due to time constraints, you can see how it will look in the images of the Walpole store near the end of this post).

We also tucked some faux antlers in with some of the eucalyptus and cedar.

I can promise you there is not any hot cocoa anywhere that tastes as rich and delicious as Burdick's!

We also added in quite a few of these pinecone trees that look like they are dusted in sugar.

And here are some images from the Walpole location:

My little munchkins enjoying their cocoa (and if you look closely you can see my mom in the reflection above them and me taking the photograph if you look really hard - ha!)

Here are just a few of the delicious desserts and pastries they offer:

And rows of their decadent chocolates:

And here is a little write-up they have displayed in the stores:

If you are near one of Burdick Chocolate's locations be sure to stop in or of course you can check them out online.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  I'll be back Monday with our 2015 Holiday Housewalk Tour!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful post! You all did a remarkable design - looks absolutely magical, Jenn!

    You should probably do a give-away of one of their yummy looking cocoa mug gifties to celebrate this success in a fun fashion! ♥

  2. Everything is absolutely beautiful!

  3. As always, your displays look beautiful! I'm working on a hot cocoa bar, for our weekend home, and may have to buy the hot chocolate mugs!

  4. It looks so inviting! rustic and elegant at the same time. you guys are awesome!

  5. What a beautiful design job Jennifer! It looks so festive and lovely! I am sure they are thrilled with the results!

  6. This is amazing opportunity and you really can see your signature style in every aspect. You go girl!!!!

  7. Stunning! Stunning!! Stunning!!!
    Michelle from

  8. It looks fantastic and warm and inviting. I like the way customers can walk around and interact throughout the whole shop. Thanks for sharing, Happy Thanksgiving

  9. absolutely beautiful! I could sit there for hours with such an elegant and cozy ambience. I have personally never tasted their hot chocolate as I live in the Windy City but it would be nice if they sold those beautiful chocolate mugs online for gifts!

  10. I have been following your blog for years. I love your taste! I have to know where to find artificial paperwhites. A few years ago, I picked some up at Michaels, but I can't seem to find them anywhere this year. Thanks for the help and inspiration!!!!

    1. Thank you! We got our paperwhites at Savvy (!


  11. This is amazing. I feel like I'm walking into a little cozy cottage all decorated for the holidays. Not only do I love their mugs but the holiday plate is gorgeous. Hope you got one. Great job..

  12. Rachel she gets her paper whites at Savvy ...


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