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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Everly and Eloise's Shared Room - Bluestone HIll

I don't like change. I resist it like my toddler does a spoonful of spinach: I see it coming and hide my face. I have been planning this shared bedroom since before Christmas but I'm not sure if I will ever pull the trigger. I love routine and loathe transitions, and even though there are many benefits to bringing Lucie (Eloise...who we call Lucie but I like to throw her real name out there every now and then so we don't forget it) downstairs with the rest of us, I am hesitant to upset the balance when they both sleep well. So, while it may take an act of God to get me to initiate the change, the room is starting to LOOK like a shared room, if not actually be a shared room. Lucie knows the second bed is hers, but she hasn't questioned why she doesn't actually sleep in it...yet. Maybe one night she'll just say, "Mom, would you move me already?" and then I'll know it's time.

We got a second set of bedding in Goldie Dots for Lucie's bed from our sponsor Beddy's. I literally cannot say enough about how much we love this bedding. It couldn't be any more practical, and it looks so cute! It's easy to wash, easy to put on, and easy for Everly to make herself each morning...a fact which we are both very proud of!

I got these adorable pillows here at Christmastime and I've kept them through January and February. I love how they go perfectly with our "There Is Such a Place" Children's Story Print Set - probably because Lucy (MsCraftberrybush) illustrated the prints!

One of the best things about having older cousins is the hand-me-downs; Everly wears these Joyfolie shoes from Lillie and Lola every day when she plays dress up:

This teepee that Sugar Shack Teepees sent is adorable and I can't wait to see how much the girls love it but I'm waiting until after we move Lucie in to give them as a reward when they go to sleep without too much commotion (hopefully after the first night...but probably after many nights of Lucie jabbering for hours and keeping her sister up...) The girls are both as obsessed with stories as I had hoped they would be (and hoping it stays that way!) and I have a feeling this teepee is always going to be filled with books...

I was looking for the perfect print or painting to bring more pink into the room and just couldn't find what I had in my head, so I finally went ahead and tried making one myself after watching a tutorial from Lucy Akins (MsCraftberrybush)...It looks nothing like hers and isn't exactly what I was hoping for, but my critic is a three year old so it got good reviews! :) I still have my eye out, but for now, there is some pink on this wall, and I had so much fun making it!

Source List:
Headboards - Pottery Barn Kids
Bedding - Beddy's Bedding Goldie Dot Twin
Trunks - IKEA
Deer pillows - Craftberrybush
Childrens Story Print Set - Dear Lillie
Nightstand - Target, painted
Bucket of tulips - secondhand store
Shoes on nightstand - Joyfolie
Slippers - Carter's
Dresser - IKEA
Knobs on dresser - Home Goods
Basket next to dresser - Target
Knit blanket - made by a relative
Chair - secondhand store
Vase on dresser - Pottery Barn
Mirror - from my parents
Owl bookends - Home Goods
Vintage photo - Picture of my great great grandmother 
Wallpaper on wall and on fireplace cover - Tempaper
Chair by fireplace - Home Goods
Pillows on chair - I made
Floor lamp - Target
Side table - Target
Vase - Michael's Stores
Painting - I made
Pink tiny lantern banner - TJMaxx
Flooring - Hallmark Flooring 

Hope you have a great day! - Jamie


  1. I think your picture is perfect and comes from the heart. You should stop looking.

  2. Such a cute room! And I love your an artist and sometime teacher, I always tell others "you can follow along as I paint but don't worry if it doesn't look exactly like mine. It is yours and it should look like yours - not mine!" I think you did a wonderful job. Love the pop of pink it adds. Hope the transition goes well. ;)

  3. This bedroom is lovely! What is the color used on the night stand? Also, are the prints still available?

    1. Thanks, Linda! Jamie used Eraser Pink by Benjamin Moore for the nightstand, and you can find the print sets here:


  4. I have a question about the floor. What is the color and is it hardwood?

    1. Hi! The flooring is Alta Vista: Carmel French Oak from Hallmark Floors.


  5. Maybe you could have a moving day celebration. Pick a date and have the girls help plan what would make it special, then make moving day a very special event with pomp and circumstance. It might help make transitioning fun. It is really a beautiful room and if I were a little girl, I'd love to sleep there.

  6. I had a room decorated for my twin daughter and let her decide when she was ready to leave a shared bedroom with her twin sister. One day she just announced she was going to sleep there, and that was that. No drama, no back and forth. She was four.

  7. This room is so adorable. I think the picture is the thing I like most of all. But those little Deer pillows are precious too. What lucky little girls to have such a beautiful room! Great job decorating Jamie!

  8. Dreamy.. wish I had someone to make a beautiful little girls room for...


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