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Friday, May 25, 2012

Our trip to Georgia

Earlier this week I shared the kitchen makeover photos from our trip to Georgia, now here are some of the "people" pictures. Meredith and Matt have a beautiful home, as you all saw on Monday, and a fabulous backyard that Lillie and Lola loved playing in. Jon's parents traveled down to visit while we were there, as well, and we had lots of fun playing, swimming, eating, and chasing after Meredith and Matt's dog, Winter, and a cat, Jadis. Lola adored Winter and was so sweet and gentle with her (and Winter was so gentle with Lola!) Lola would follow Winter around and kiss her and kept trying to crawl onto her little dog bed under the coffee table with her. It was the cutest thing!

Winter, "Coach", and Lola


Lillie and Lola "dancing"

Lola on her first ever carousel ride.

It's a super blurry picture but it was fun watching the girls ride around in the wheelbarrow.

Meredith and Matt are expecting their first baby this fall.

In this box were either pink or blue balloons. Lillie was convinced they were pink...

She was right!

Lillie climbing in the box to get the last of the balloons that were stuck.

Lola thought the box was fun too!

We had lots of yummy food there. Including marshmallows and pound cake...

that were dipped in the chocolate fountain.

Grammy and Lillie dipping in a marshmallow.

Mmmmm...chocolate covered strawberries.

Grammy, Lola and Coach


Matt is now deployed and we are praying for him and for Meredith and for all of the other amazing men and women out there and their families who make such incredible sacrifices.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. Precious pictures! Your beautiful little ones know how to steal your heart.
    Tickled PINK for Meredith & Matt! Congratulations!!
    Thank you Matt & Meredith for your support and sacrifice for all of us and this great country. God Bless

  2. What a lovely moment you captured! Your girl just get cuter by the minute, and Lola giving kisses to Winter is just precious, she may just want a puppy once you move ;). Congrats to Meredith and Matt on their little bundle, and a huge thank you for their sacrifice as well.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!! The girls are growing so fast, and i'm sure the new addition will be a bearty and a blessing as well!! Please extend a big THANK YOU to Matt and Meredith for the sacrifice they make to keep our country free!! We will be covering Matt in prayer during his deployment, and believe for protection and a speedy retutn!!!

  4. Your pictures tell such wonderful stories. It makes me feel as though I truly am getting to REALLY know you and your sweet and dear family.

    But that last one - Matt back to war - well it made me cry and I want you to know I just said a prayer for him and will continue to do so. He has SO much waiting for him back home.

  5. As always, this is another great post. What an exciting way to find out the sex of the new baby! Please know that your family is in our prayers and a big Thank You to Matt and Meredith for Matt's deployment in keeping our country safe. Godspeed. Cindy

  6. Fun family time!
    When is the next giveaway?

  7. I so look forward to your post and just love the pictures!!The girls are so beautiful and growing so fast!!
    Matt and Meredith will be in our daily prayer! Congratulations on the baby girl ... so exciting! Thank you to Matt for his part in preserving the freedom I hold so dear! God bless you and keep you until you are safely home again!

    Gods blessings to all!!

  8. Jennifer, I always get excited to see that you have posted a new entry on your blog! I love all the pictures. I cannot even begin to say which ones I like best. That is the sweetest thing to see Winter being so gently with the girls and letting Lola kiss him! Love the Grammy and strawberry ones with Lillie! You have such talent in capturing these precious memories for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your weekend. I know the grandparents had a great time visiting with you all!
    Happy Memorial Day to you all!!

  9. I like that you share your family moments on the blog too~it is fun to see your girls with their grandparents. Such a cute pic of Winter and Lola! I think she is going to need a dog you know...congrats to the upcoming baby for M&M~and thanks to Matt and all the others who serve our country!!

  10. Such gorgeous photos & so exciting to have another beautiful little girl coming into your family!
    Does Meredith have a blog- would love to see the rest of her home! xx

  11. Great family photos..
    I love the idea of the balloons..
    Wishing a safe deployment and return..

  12. so sweet!!!! and this chocolate..... :-) best regards from poland!


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