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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blueberries and Donuts


Last week we took Lillie blueberry picking for the first time (Lola was there too but slept through the whole picking part). One of the places we spend quite a bit of time while we are in New Hampshire each summer is at my uncle's farm. Shockingly as much time as we have spent there this is the first time we've ever picked blueberries. They were delicious!

Lola woke up as we were finishing picking the blueberries and just in time for a homemade chocolate covered donut - which turned into a chocolate covered Lola.

Lola and Lauren.

I had hoped to have some photos of the almost finished kitchen from the house my parents are building for a post today but thanks to quite a few factors I didn't have the pictures or post done. Hopefully I will in the next day or so.

I also wanted to introduce one of our new sponsors, Sylvie's Nest.

Sylvie's Nest is an online interior design resource for the NY tri state area and beyond offering design services that simplify the process while making it fun at the same time.

 Sylvie Bruschi is an Interior Designer in the NY tri-state area who specializes in but is not limited to residential design. She has a love of the traditional style where her roots are but can’t help melding different styles together to reflect our world as it is today.

 As a child spending summers in France and Germany was one of the greatest influences towards Sylvie’s artistic vision. Visiting relatives and spending many afternoons walking in the old villages and chateaux in the Loire Valley in particular, helped to create a love of architecture, art and antiques. You can read more about Sylvie here.

 Along with offering design consultations Sylvie also has a blog and sells items online as well.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!


  1. Those blueberries look soo good! Your girls are precious, you are truly blessed.I love your blog and your style. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing soo many great ideas!

    Peace and Blessings!


  2. Such adorable pictures of your girls! What is better than blueberries and donuts???? YUM!!!
    Have a great night

  3. those are some adorable pictures, and I love blueberry picking!

  4. A perfect summer day! Adore the pics of your beautiful girls. The way you capture a moment, makes you feel like you are there.

  5. What cute photos! I've been wanting to take my kids berry picking too. I just wish it wasn't so hot outside! Hope you're having a good week.

  6. Your little girls are adorable. We just picked blueberries in CT with my little nephews - so fun. Have a blessed week :)

  7. Blueberries? Donuts? Sign me up! :) I have a pic of my baby this week that looks a lot like the ones of Lola, only it's not chocolate. It's dirt. Good parenting abounds over here. :/

  8. Blueberries and chocolate donuts....the perfect combination! Sounds like a lovely day you had. Beautiful photos of your darling girls. Love the one of Lola with cholate on her nose!

  9. The chocolate donut pictures made me really laugh...I needed that today.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  10. Your girls are both just stunning. Time on the farm sounds relaxing and really perfect! Oh how I'd love to live on a small farm.

  11. Your girls are adorable! Where in NH is your uncle's farm? I just got back from a week in NOrth Conway with my girls!

    1. Thank you! My uncle's farm is called Homestead Farms in Walpole.

  12. How cute is that with the girls in their overalls, eating big fresh fat blueberries and chocolate covered donuts! I want to be them!


  13. Dear Jennifer...

    Thank you so much for the nice mention in your blog!

    Love the blueberries and donuts blog...your little Lillie reminds me of my daughter Sophie...both beautiful.

    Have a great weekend...with design blessings,

  14. I just came here from seeing your little Lillie dressed as an Indian on Pinterest and for a moment I seriously thought it was my little girl! They have a really similar look. (I obviously knew it wasn't since I would have remembered the photo:) such an adorable costume and I want to make it for my little 2 year old this year. I love all the other tutus. Do you make them yourself?

    1. Thanks Carissa. My mom makes them all. We used to sell them in our shop but don't currently because my parents are in the middle of a big move. As of now we don't plan on restocking them but who know...maybe we will again someday!


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