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Monday, October 13, 2014

Jason's Full House Tour (Lots of Before and Afters)

I hope you all had a great weekend! Over the last the last year and a half we have been working away at Jason's house. Seeing how the posts have been kind of spread out and we probably won't be tackling any more projects there until next spring/summer (although I will have some Christmas decorating posts!) we figured it might be nice to have a post that shows sort of a wrap up and all the rooms together. (There's a full source list for all the rooms at the bottom of this post).

Source List:

Kitchen and Dining Room:
Wall Color - Revere Pewter by BM in a matte finish
Trim - Simply White by BM in a semi-gloss finish
Doors - Wrought Iron by BM in semi-gloss
Island Color - Galveston Gray by BM
Island Countertop - Polished Carrara Marble (remnant)
Bar Stools - IKEA
Appliances - Home Depot
Floor - Peel and Stick vinyl that looks like wood from Lowe's
Counters - Black Granite from Home Depot
Chalkboard - HomeGoods
Little Cabinet with Baskets - Joss and Main
Metal Mail Organizers - HomeGoods
Glass Bottles on Granite - TJMaxx
White Pitcher - Target
White Lilacs - freshly cut from back yard
Glass Bottles on Little Wood Tray on Island - White Home Collection in Wilton, NH
Faux Roman Shades - made from a shower curtain at Target
Wire Chandelier - Wayfair
Floor - Peel and Stick vinyl that looks like wood from Lowe's
Little Cabinet with Baskets - Joss and Main
Charcoal Color Chairs - Target
End Chairs - Pier 1 Table - IKEA
Mirror - Pier 1
Drapery Panels - Ritva panels from IKEA
Drapery Rods - Target
Lantern - Pottery Barn
Runner - made from a shower curtain at Target
Flowers Market box - Lola Rue in Bloomington, IN
Dishes on Table - Birch Lane
Wooden Ship - Joss and Main
Table - IKEA

Living room:
Wall Color - Galveston Gray by BM in a matte finish
Trim - Simply White by BM in a semi-gloss finish
Doors - Wrought Iron by BM in semi-gloss
Bricks - Revere Pewter by BM in matte finish
Sofa - IKEA Ektorp
Pillow with Text - Twin Elm Farm Peterborough, NH
Striped Pillow and Black Pillow - White Home Market Wilton, NH
White Pillows - HomeGoods
Notre Dame Sign - Dear Lillie
Chair in Front of Sign - HomeGoods
Throw on Chair - Ikea
Little Side Table - Target
Vase - HomeGoods
Chairs - Joss and Main
Rug - Pottery Barn
Coffee Table - Joss and Main
Vase on Coffee Table - HomeGoods
Books on Coffee Table - One was our grandfather's and the other ones from thrift shops
Lamps - Target
Drapery Panels - IKEA
Curtain Rods - Target
Industrial Looking Bookshelf - Dear Lillie
Tennis Racquet - Was our Grandfather's
Truck - Was our Grandfather's
Rest of Items on Shelf - HomeGoods
Mirror above Fireplace - Was Left in Garage by Previous Owner of Home
Vase above Fireplace - Target  

Wall Color - I think Rockport Gray (it was one we found in his basement from last summer and just used it because we already had it) by BM in a matte finish
Trim - Simply White by BM in a semi-gloss finish
Doors - Wrought Iron by BM in semi-gloss
Enter His Gates Sign - Dear Lillie
Coat Rack  - We made it with a 1 by 8 piece of wood (about 6 feet long) stained with Provincial and added hooks from IKEA
Large Hat - ?
Small Hat - J. Crew several years ago
Sweaters and Sweatshirts - J. Crew and Evy's Tree
Purse - TJMaxx years and years ago
Shoes - Target
White Frames - IKEA

The Girls' Bedroom:
Paint Color - Soft Chamois by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Door Color - Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore
Wallpaper - Wallpaper Direct, Delphine in Charcoal
Curtain Rods - Target
Drapery Panels - Ritva from IKEA
Beds - Passed down from my grandfather's house and painted in Annie Sloan's Graphite from Lady Butterbug
Coverlet and far back pillow - Joss and Main
Gray Pillow with the Pom Poms - Ballard Design
Front Pillow - IKEA
Little piece with the baskets between the beds - Joss and Main
White Pitcher - HomeGoods
Little Jars - White Home Market - Wilton, NH
Striped Blanket at the End of One Bed - IKEA
Rug - Target
Trunks at End of Bed - IKEA
Chandelier - Purchased about 6 years ago from Target
Frames with Silhouettes - From Hobby Lobby about 7 or 8 years ago
Dresser - Passed down from my grandfather's house and painted in Annie Sloan's Graphite from Lady Butterbug
Canvas - Dear Lillie
Wire Basket - Little antique shop in Vermont
Clock - TJMaxx
Hat - J. Crew
Metal Pitcher - Joss and Main
White Shelf - Target (six years ago)
Horseshoes - Little antique shop in Vermont
Cowboy Boots - Sheplers
Dresses - (From left to right) TJMaxx, Joyfolie, Chasing Fireflies

Office/Guest Room:
Wall Color: Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Desk: Has been Jason's since he was little, pretty sure it was passed on down from another family member, painted Revere Pewter (just because we had extra of that) and the knobs were spray painted.
Rug: Target
Roman Shades: Home Depot
Clock: Joss and Main
Chair: Target
Organization Caddy on Desk: HomeGoods
Metal Mail Organizer on Wall: HomeGoods
Pitcher on Desk:HomeGoods
Quilt on Bed: Have had for years and years. Would like to eventually replaced with something a little more masculine
Pillows on Daybed:
        Pom Pom Standard Shams: Ballard Design
        Striped Pillows: Target
        Solid Gray Squares and White Lumbar: HomeGoods
Robert Frost Sign: Dear Lillie  ( here)
Framed Basketball Pictures: passed down from our dad
Shelves: We made them. You can read more about them and find a link to a tutorial here.
Items on Shelves:
       Black and White Striped Binders: Target
       Little Clock: TJMaxx
       Wire Basket: Target
       Metal Box: HomeGoods

       Magazine Holders: Target
       Little white vase: Ikea
       Basket - HomeGoods
       Poufs - Target
I hope that you all have a fabulous Monday!


  1. the dining room lantern!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I find myself going through the pictures slowly looking at all the details, and then thinking, oh, I have a pitcher like that . . . or, I have an old photo that would look good framed like that. Thank you for the inspiration . . . and thank you for taking the time to tell us all the details for paint colors.

  3. Absolutely wonderful!Very inspiring....I really notice the gray on the doors....makes me want to go out and paint all my interior doors....

  4. What a transformation - and such an information-packed post (those source lists -whew!!!) Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration - this makes me want to paint something in my house a little darker - love those doors! I think it's because those colors feel warm and cozy -and Autumn-y!!!: ) Is that the Bolton lantern from PB?
    Leah: )

  5. P.S. Sorry - just checked the source list regarding the lantern (I guess I'm not really awake yet - ha!)

  6. This is an absolutely gorgeous transformation, beautiful home! With the white slipcovers and all the white wood, I just notice it has a very feminine vibe to it, not a very masculine feel for a young man. I wonder if maybe some darker natural wood and richer color accents might tone down the femininity?

  7. Jennifer- What a wonderful home and a great transformation. I am going to come back and study everything more in depth in a bit. LOVE it!!!! xo Diana

  8. oh myyyyy.... just stunning.

  9. He needs my black desk in his office
    But i don't know how to get the picture of it to show on this comment! Beautiful home!

  10. LOVE everything! Your posts are always such a treat to me. Always inspiring and always so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to list all of the sources.

  11. What a beautiful transformation...Everything is pretty, especially the kitchen!

  12. It is absolutely beautiful. Those geometric poufs are a fun touch. How nice that the girls have their own bedroom there when you visit. I love the black and white print of Lillie on the swing! I bet Jason is happy with his gorgeous home. So so beautifully done Jennifer. Every detail.

  13. Absolutely stunning!! I love every room. I was wondering if you painted the kitchen cabinets with a brush or a sprayer? They look amazing. Great job. Every room looks so inviting.

    1. Thanks! We just used a brush. You can read all about how we painted our cabinets here:

  14. That looks amazing! I want this in my new house! :(

    Natalie xo

    Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  15. This is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing so much inspiration.

  16. A most magnificent transformation...the perfect furnishings...perfect color scheme...however, I knew it would be with you at the helm of the project and you can see that this home was done with such love and grace......enjoyed the tour so much!..

  17. Absolutely gorgeous...couple of questions...he is a single guy...what does his room look like and where is his BIG screen tv?
    I love the dynamics of your family and seeing all your transformations. I would love to have you design our home!!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! We haven't finished his room yet--once we do, we will share it. Also you can see a glimpse of his large tv in this post ( Right now that wall is kind of a mess though with wires handing down ect., but once we finish it we will share those pictures as well.

  18. That is the prettiest bachelor pad I've ever seen! He is so lucky to have you as his designer. It's lovely and masculine at the same time. Great job!

  19. Wow--I love before and afters and this did not disappoint! What a beautiful home!

  20. As always... absolutely incredible. Some of those rooms don't even look like the same space! How do ya'll do that!?


  21. Have you sent Jason the bill yet? ;) Ha! JK! You gave his home new life! Jennifer you out did yourself. You have flawless taste. Absolutely perfect!!

  22. It looks amazing! Would the vinyl floor in the kitchen be a good permanent floor? I'm afraid that it's going to come loose...

    1. Thanks! It has worked well for Jason's home, but I don't know that I would recommend it as a permanent solution in a high traffic area.

  23. Wow! It turned out great! I really love the Notre Dame sign you made for his home and didn't see it for sale in your shop. I am actually wondering if you make similar signs for other colleges? I would love to order one. Thanks!
    Lindsey Nelson

    1. Thanks! This was something we just made for Jason's home. We may offer something similar in our shop this Spring.

  24. Beautiful! Jennifer, what color is the cabinet in the dining room with the ship on it?
    Ann R.

  25. Do you possibly have a color or style on the roman shades in the office.

    1. I can't remember--sorry! We didn't save the packaging.

  26. Do you remember what color and paint was used for the sideboard in his dining room? I love everything on your inspiring!!

    1. Thank you, Laura! We used Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore.

  27. Do you recommend the Ikea Ektorp white couch? I am contemplating getting it but not sure. Do the cushions become lumpy over time?

    1. Jason's has held up really well, although it doesn't get used all that much. From his experience we would recommend it though!

    2. Dear Lillie July 2, 2015 at 12.25 pm Jason's kitchen looks beautiful. Could you tell me if his cabinets are oak. I'm afraid to paint my oak because of the grain. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    3. Thank you! Honestly I have no idea--sorry! I would guess not, but we really aren't sure what they are.

  28. I love the Notre Dame sign!! Did you make it or was it something you purchased? I would love to know where I could purchase or how to create a similar sign. Thank you!

  29. Beautiful!!! I am working on a home remodel project myself. We have re done the wood floors throughout the house, except for the kitchen and bath. I keep looking at using "fake" hardwood tiles in the kitchen but thought the transition would be weird. Now you have me thinking it could work! There is just one small doorway from room to room. How do you like your transition??? Thoughts??? Thank You!

    1. Thanks!! We haven't minded the transition--I think maybe having the little dividers helps!

  30. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! I am currently re-doing my office and yours is my inspiration. I also love the Notre Dame sign and would love to make one for my home. Did you paint the white or buy a decal? If you could share your instructions on how to make it, that would be great! :) Thanks

  31. Absolutely beautiful! I own a wallpaper shop in the UK but don't currently supply Clarke & Clarke wallpaper, but seeing your photos is making me thinking that I should ask for a trade account lol!

  32. Thank you for giving such a wonderful listing of where you get your items and
    All the paint colors!!
    Your home is just beautiful,!


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