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Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Script Placemats and Chalkboard Tags for Gifts and the Tree

We've got a few fun new items in the shop today! First we have these Holiday Script Placemat Sets. My mom made these beautiful placemats for our shop and we are so excited about them.

And then we have some fun little chalkboard tags. They are the perfect way to top a gift (the back is blank so you can write a little note if you want on the back) or they also look great hung in the tree! They come in packs of twelve and we have three different sets available.

The first set has six Baby It's Cold Outside tags and six Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas tags.

Then we have a set with six Dashing Through the Snow tags and six Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire tags.

And last we have a set that include six Silent Night tags and six And His Name Shall be Called tags .

They look cute tucked in just about anywhere. Here we tucked them into a wreath on our mantel.

And then we tucked a bunch of them into our tree! You could also punch a little hole and hang them. 

We also wanted to introduce our newest sponsor, Seema from Attiser

Here is a bit about Attiser from their website:
Attiser is an "Artist Gallery" that has introduced a unique collection of hand crafted Indian bed linen and accessories inspired from the traditional method of hand block printing from the Thar Desert of Rajasthan in India. The collection uses the handmade block printed Indian textiles with contemporary attractive colors in a unique country style decor. It's emphasis lies to create bright and fresh "FUSION LOOK" that gives a chance to our busy women in decorating and living among the old sentiments, that add charm and warmth to the house, highlighting intimacy, authenticity and sense of comfort that we strive for.

We focus on handmade because it means you are getting a piece of the artist's soul. We believe handmade pieces as having life unlike "stuff" that is mass produced by machines or untouched by human hands during creation process. Most importantly an artist may print 1000 pieces but each piece is unique in a small but important way. In other words "Beauty evolves through imperfections".

The founder is a women entrepreneur raised in a country side suburb of Rajasthan (India). She is a textile designer by education, who has later traveled around the world and worked in New york for some years. Finally, it was her rich childhood that stirred her passion to bring back unique art of hand block printed textiles to the United States.

Attiser believes in the principles of ethical sourcing and fair trade, and puts all its efforts into bringing uniquely designed highest quality of hand made products to our customers.

Here is one of their beautiful quilts:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. hallo, jennifer, ich liebe die ersten drei bilder, sooooo schlicht und wunderschön!!! liebe grüße von angie

  2. I went to buy some chalkboard tags and it says they are sold out. :( Is that correct?

    1. Hi, Erin! They sold out much quicker than we anticipated this close to Christmas, but we will have more ready by the end of next week!

  3. Please email me when you have more Christmas chalkboard tags. These are so cute!! Janie

  4. super cute! i have a chalkboard theme going at home & i love these. they would be cute as placecard holders. MJ


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