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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Eloise Montgomery

On April 3rd we welcomed our newest little niece into the world, Eloise "Lucie" Montgomery. We took these pictures a few days after she arrived but are a little late in posting them here. It's hard to believe she's already grown and is now a month old! We love her so much and are so excited for Jamie, Josh and Evie. Isn't she the most beautiful little thing?

Here she is with her beautiful big sister, Everly Penniman!

Source List:

Dollhouse - Antique Shop
Basket - Consignment Shop
Pom Pom Blanket in Basket - Ballard Designs (is really a quilt we pulled of the bed)
Rug - Ballard Designs (I think?)
Everly's Dress and hair clip - Joyfolie
Eloise's Bonnet - knit by her grandmother
Eloise's Silk Flower Headband - made by Jamie
Eloise's Felt Flower Headband - Etsy a couple of years ago - not sure of shop's name
Eloise's Knit Hat with Ears and Bow  - knit by our sister,  Dana

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. She is truly beautiful and so blessed to be born into such a loving family! Congratulations!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. Gorgeous photos and beautiful sisters! Her little knit bonnet looks just like the one Princess Charlotte wore leaving the hospital in London.

  3. This is so precious! Congratulations to your sister and her family. It's incredible how much the girls look a like.

  4. Lovely! And the pictures are beautiful! Congratulations to your sister and her family.

  5. Oh My! All these beautiful little girls in one family! And, one AMAZING Photographer! These are amazing

  6. My oh my that baby doll is cute, her older sister a real peach toooooo! the photography was amazing..They both look like princess's they truly do..Congratulations to you and your family..have a great day and week, happy mothers day early tooooo!

  7. So beautiful! Darling little girls and what wonderful photos!

  8. She's beautiful! They're both beautiful... and the photos are exquisite...


  9. Gorgeous! Another beautiful little girl for your family. How exciting!

    I LOVE that they're calling her "Lucie"--but then, Lucy Maud Montgomery is one of my all-time favorite authors. :)

  10. Precious photos, Jenni!

  11. Oh my! She is gorgeous as is her big sister. Your pictures are just amazing.

  12. I LOVE her name. Eloise was actually my top choice for a baby girl name (my husband thought it sounded too old, so we have a Sydney instead), but we would have called her Elsie. I love that they're calling her Lucie... that's really cute too. Adorable baby photos!!


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