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Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Easy and Inexpensive Autumn Table Setting with a Pumpkin Vase and Apple Candle Holders

I wanted to play around with an inexpensive and easy autumn table setting that would also work for Thanksgiving as well. All of the elements can be found at a grocery store and cost for about  $25-$30. We started with a white pumpkin that was $3.99 and cut a hole in the top like we were going to carve it and then hallowed it out a little bit and put a metal can inside it to act as a vase. We then used a pack of roses that were $5.99 and some eucalyptus that was $2.99 and some berries from out yard and filled up the pumpkin vase until it was overflowing a bit. 

After that we laid out some more eucalyptus and sprinkled a few pears and some berries from the yard over top of the eucalyptus. Then we took six apples and cut out the center a little bit so we could stick taper candles in them. After that we just added some cinnamon sticks between some of the pears which provided a delicious aroma and an unexpected texture and then we placed a baby pumpkin on each plate and that was it! 

We placed the pumpkin vase on this cake stand from HomeGoods to help elevate it a bit and add some varying heights to the display.

These are the Emma plates from Pottery Barn and the napkins are from Pottery Barn as well (from nine years ago!)

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'll be back with photos of the other side of the porch later this week.

Source List:

So We Beat On... Great Gatsby Sign - Dear Lillie (now sold out!) 
Farmhouse Table - we built it, (you can read more about it here)
Chairs - Joss and Main
Pillows - World Market

Cake Stand - HomeGoods
Throw - HomeGoods
White Dishes - Pottery Barn, The Emma Collection (wedding gifts 9 years ago)
Napkins - Pottery Barn (nine years ago)
Porch Door Color - Mopboard Black in semigloss by Benjamin Moore
Lights - Target
Hat - Joyfolie


  1. Beautiful tablescape. Love the pumpkin vase and use of things from nature and the low cost grocery store finds.

  2. Love it! Looks so inviting! Also, I want to purchase to the Gatsby sign but can't find it...did I miss it again?

    1. Thanks, Angie! It had been in stock for a few months, but sold out shortly after this post went live.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL!! So lovely! And I love that we can use our local grocery store to make it happen :).

    PS--When I saw the close-up photo of pumpkin vase, it made me think this would make for a very nice wedding centerpiece.

  4. this is soooo beautiful! I am refreshed just by looking at it!
    Thank you for taking time to create, and then, to share with us!

  5. Love it all! BTW, your link to the "Beat on" sign isn't working, in either location.

    1. Thank you!! The sign sold out shortly after this post went live, and we won't be making any more so it has been removed from our shop.

  6. So beautiful and inspiring! I will be copying for my thanksgiving table, thank you so much for sharing! By the way, I love your black doors, what kind of paint do you use, Aura? Regal Select?

    1. Thank you Jennifer, would you by chance have a tutorial on how to paint the doors?

    2. We don't have a traditional tutorial on that, but can find the post we did on it here:

  7. Your centerpiece is beautiful!

    Cindy R.

    1. Hi,
      This is my first visit here and I am "simply" overwhelmed! Amazing ideas, decorations and sense of colour... Breathtaking... Will be back!:) Anna


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