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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bluestone Hill Bedroom Hallway

This back hall connects the two bedrooms downstairs, or what used to be the master bedroom and library. Our uncle was a great reader, and had a fabulous book collection that filled the walls of built-ins in the library...and all the other bookshelves in the house. As much as we loved the library, for our family, it really needed to be a bedroom. We got a little too spoiled with full nights of glorious sleep when our first daughter was about three months old until close to three years. Shortly after we moved here, she began having scary this short little hallway is well-traveled at night!

I love the fact that he had built-ins and extra storage put in everywhere he could throughout the house. (I must have inherited my packrat tendencies from him--although he at least kept his 300 stick-it pads in meticulous order.) Even this back hall has several closets and a set of open shelves, which you see when looking in from the living room. The back of the shelving is painted Moonshine.

I usually don't have time to stop and smell the hydrangeas at 3 a.m. ;)

The trim color was existing, and the wall color is Pale Smoke.

Hopefully there will be no pitter-patter of feet upon this floor tonight! (Actually, there never is...I vault over my out-cold husband and thunder down the hall with all the grace of a rhinocerous when I wake up to our daughter yelling for me in the wee hours. I don't think I have ever pitter-pattered down this hall after 10PM.) Either way though, wish us luck!

Source List:
Trim paint: Existing
Wall paint: Pale Smoke by Benjamin Moore
Back of built-in bookshelf: Moonshine by Benjamin Moore
Paintings hung on the wall and one in bookshelf and photos on top shelf: Passed down from family
Basket, wooden box, and suitcase: Consignment and antique stores
Small woven bucket and bud vase: IKEA
Gold decorative orb: Home Goods


- Jamie


  1. Breathtakingly fresh! And maybe you'll qualify for the next Olympic Games in vaulting!

  2. I love how you are making this beautiful home work for your family. Your home is very serene. Pale Smoke is one of my favorite colors; our lake home is proof of that!

  3. Love the built ins! Have you ever thought of getting a dream catcher for your daughter? They work wonders. I used to have horrific nightmares so I bought a dream catcher and from the moment I put it up I never had another bad dream. Please try it you'll be glad you did.

  4. Stunning home and stunning decor!!! Good luck tonight!

  5. Extremely well-styled - love that it's neutral yet has pops of black and gold. Excellent work!

  6. Beautiful the floors...and how great that you inherited such great storage/bookcases that are so very perfectly styled. Your uncle sounded like such an amazing person.

  7. Years ago we went through our then 2.5 yr old daughter waking after we made a move. She was afraid of the sound the heatpump made outside her bedroom. Most nights she would just take blankie and go sleep on the couch which is where she would be in the morning. I hope you find a solution soon!

  8. Flower arrangenments are beautiful and your hallway flooring is super gorgeous. Lovely room and pictures.

  9. Lovely home! I am assuming from the signage that Dear Lillie creates, that you are Christians. Have you tried praying over your little girl before bedtime? Also, you could try leaving an open Bible in her room. The Bible is powerful. This was advice given to a friend of mine and it worked for their daughter who was having night terrors.


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