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Friday, August 26, 2016

Uncle Bob's Garden

Welcome to Uncle Bob's garden. When I was younger, there was a pool where you see the brick and fountain, and we played "goofy" in the water, then munched on Parmesan Goldfish as we dried off. I had a birthday party here the year I turned 8. (One of three that year, I believe. I can make an iced mocha last for hours and a birthday last all month.) As a teenager, my sister and our friends and I would spend more time laying on the bluestone patio talking about Josh Harnett and our fledgling tans than actually swimming. It was a beautiful spot for a pool, and we all had so many summers with our cousins and friends enjoying it because Uncle Bob was gracious and let pretty much everyone he knew, and even people he didn't, use it. He was in his seventies when it started getting to be too much for him and he had the pool filled in and designed this garden in its place.


There used to be a big bed of annuals above the stone wall, off the side of the house, but we didn't put any in this year. I'd like to add a few perennials every year starting this fall, but there are a lot of things on the To Do list and I'm not sure that we'll get to it this year.

I love the way the light hits the pergola in the evening:

Now that we live here, I have been asked several times this summer if we wished that Uncle Bob hadn't had the pool filled in. I usually look at them like they have two heads...I failed the swim test at summer camp and couldn't go past the buoys with my sister, I have a fear of my children drowning, I love having fresh flowers in the house, and this place is like a fairytale for my girls. Apparently most people would prefer a pool, but I'd take the garden any day! Maybe when the girls are sixteen and I let them swim without floaties I'll change my mind...

They love the garden, and believe it or not, they both actually like to help their Daddy pull weeds- which is good, because they grow like...ohhh, that's why they say that! (I actually kind of like the way the low-lying ones look in between the bricks but someone else would prefer they were all gone.) :) We love this garden and never in a million years would have been able to create something like this ourselves. We are so thankful that we get to raise our girls here at this house and on this property that our uncle so lovingly and carefully cultivated.

Have a wonderful day! - Jamie


  1. Oh Jamie, how delightful! I LOVE Uncle B's efforts - he really must have been something else. He had such tasteful vision. May he rest in peace!

    The girls are adorable in their white summer frocks!

  2. I think I'd prefer the pool but the garden is lovely. You could consider planting thyme between some of the bricks. It looks neater that weeds and gives off a lovely smell when you walk.

  3. Your uncle had great taste in gardens. My husband would disagree, but I would take a garden like that any day over a pool, especially a garden with mountain views in the background.

  4. Your house with its views is charming and this So, so lovely. It's wonderful that family moved into your uncle's place. I'm really enjoying reading about how you're making it your own.

  5. That is a beautiful garden! I think perennials are a wonderful idea. A lot less work after the first year. I have had extensive brick walk ways in the past, and the little weeds would drive me crazy! Then I learned to put Preen down early in the spring, and every three months until frost- made a huge difference 😀

  6. Such a dreamy, romantic garden! You are blessed! 💙

  7. It is absolutely gorgeous Jamie! What a gift that your darling girls get to grow up in this home and with that soulful amazing view! So happy for all of you. Love New Hampshire!! xxojoan

  8. Pools are like cupcakes, I think, fun and nice to have on occasion. Oh, but a garden like that.. true nourishment to heart and spirit every day, every season. I took deep breaths just looking at the pictures, it's enchanting.

  9. Jamie, I am with you on the swimming; I can't swim (depsite childhood lessons and swimming being part of my elementery school p.e.) and have the same concern for my children. We had room for a pool and put in a garden instead.

    Something you might want to consider in addition to perennials is adding bulbs that will return in your climate. I buy mine in bulk from Van Engelen. They would pop up in between whatever else you have and help you with fresh flowers in the house. Flowers are a HUGE deal to me and I am always trying to grow more in my garden.

    I also grow wildflowers that tend to self seed (larkspur is good for that, though it is poisonous; my children know not to touch it). I buy those in bulk from Wildseed Farms.

    For annuals, try Outside Pride for bulk seeds.

    Your garden is beautiful.I'd love to see photos next year with what you've added when it is in bloom.

  10. The garden is beautiful! I think I prefer that over a pool - especially with that fountain! Wow! Gorgeous!!

  11. Such dreamy lovliness. What type of trees have the white flowers? I could live looking at this for a long time. Thank you.

    1. Hi! I checked with Jamie, and she said she thinks they are Peegee Hydrangea.


    2. Thanks - by the way - I will be in touch on the order by Friday.

  12. I love their flowers! Absolutely gorgeous Flowers NYC, I bought my bouquet of calla lilies for a dirt cheap price of 24 for 6 lilies. And I have never found such beautiful calls lilies before in this city. They were fresh and the colors were extremely vibrant.

  13. This is an AMAZING garden to have to call your own now. How wonderful your uncle sounded....what a nice thing that you get to be the caretaker of the family property.


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