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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jenni! (Jason's January Post)

I’d like to start off by wishing Jenni a very happy 30th birthday! This would also probably be a good place to point out that until few days ago, I was under the impression that Jenni was twenty-five or twenty-six. No, that’s not my way of giving her an underhanded compliment and saying she looks younger than she really is (the look test would probably put her at about 35-40 right now), it's just that I genuinely have no idea how old anyone in my family is.

Age discrepancies aside, I began to recall my reputation for slacking off on other people's birthday gifts. There was that birthday of Dana's that I felt it appropriate (and cost-effective) to give her an empty box completely covered in glued-on pretzels (surprisingly she wasn't that upset...I actually caught her nibbling away at the packaging a few hours later). Then, of course, there was that summer I gave Jamie a pet rock--complete with its own shoebox ecosystem. The only time she spoke to me that week was to make a threat on my life (#angryphase).

So needless to say, I figured that I really needed to step up my game for this important milestone in Jenni’s life. Then I remembered that the things that Jenni likes (houses, decorating, ect.) are not in the slightest bit interesting to me. So instead of getting Jenni something for her birthday, I decided to get Lillie something.

Now before you criticize my logic, let me at least pretend that there was an attempt to be thoughtful on my part. The gift that I got Lillie just happened to be her very own children’s digital camera so that she could in turn give Jenni a present.

The result (as you can see below) was a bunch of near-studio-quality photographs, complete with Lillie’s very own watermark! So while Jenni putters around listening to Tim McGraw’s “My Next Thirty Years” all day, sit back and enjoy Lillie’s handiwork!

"Happy birthday, Mommy!"

In an unrelated event, Jenni had a little difficulty putting the tree back in the box last night, and I felt it necessary to snap (and share) an incriminating photo before helping her up. Enjoy...

And this is why she won't be allowed to use the Baby Bjorn anymore...


  1. This is actually a really cool gift idea for my daughter that I will have to keep in mind. And my father-in-law's birthday is coming up so I'm gonna have to keep that empty pretzel box thing in you sell those in the shop? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNI!!!!!

  2. That's awesome! All of it :D Happy Birthday Jenni!

  3. Laughing out loud about.."and this is why she won't be allowed to se the Baby bjorn anymore" HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jenni!!!!! I love the imperfect perfection of Lillie's images.

  4. If only my little brothers could be half as fun! Happy Birthday, Jenni!

  5. LMAO~the funniest Jason post yet! Happy Birthday Jen!!! So lucky to be this together at that young age~think of how great the next two decades will be!! And Jason, I thought the camera for Lillie was the best gift ever (for her and mommy)...what awesome pics you took Lillie!!

  6. LOL...I love this. Happy Birthday Jennifer :)

  7. bwah! that last picture is hilarious (sorry jenni, still love ya...hope you still love me after i just laughed at you)!

    love your posts jason and what a thoughtful gift for lillie, errrr...i mean jenni!

    happy birthday jenni - 30 was so good to me!

  8. Better be careful Jenn. I,d watch my back if I were you. LOL. Have a great birthday. Donna

  9. Absolutely, belly-sore laughter here at Posy & Co. Happy, happy day, Jenni! Much love, Lisa

  10. I'd be laughing at the last pic more if I hadn't ended up in a very similar position while trying to fit a large tree into the $7 rubbermaid. What kind of a sucker spends the extra 10 bucks on the "Tree sized" rubbermaid anyways? Also, I just want it noted that Lillie takes better pictures than I do. Happy Birthday Jenni!

  11. Such a thought filled gift. Nice work, Jason!
    Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

  12. Oh my stars!!!!! You are in so much trouble!!!!! Happy Birthday Jenni and great work Jason! You are always looking out for the best for everyone!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Jennifer!! I wish you a wonderful day of celebration. Loved this post. Hilarious!

  14. Bwuahahahahaha hahahahaha such a fun post.

    Happy birthday to you!

    Too cute!

    WELL DONE, Jason!

  15. Happy birthday Jenni!
    I bought my mom inlaw your Joy to the World thermal for Christmas and she loved it. She put it on and wanted to take a picture right away.

    And as for Jason's post...what can I say but that I have a younger brother so I understand.

  16. I adore Jason's posts. The #angryphase comment actually made me throw back my head and laugh. I'm serious...I literally threw back my head. Happy Birthday, Jenni!

  17. HaPpY BiRtHdAy JeNnI..
    This post is hysterical..
    Have a great day..

  18. Happy Birthday to Jenni!! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true ;)

  19. Jason's posts never fail to make me laugh out loud! This one is almost as good as the Christmas post with the baby on top of the truck. It's been a nice break from the stress of my kitchen remodel.

  20. Happy Birthday! This post was too funny:)! Congratulations on the upcoming Better Homes and Gardens feature...your home is just beautiful.


  21. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Your house is my absolute favorite of all the blogs I follow. And your photography is amazing. I appreciate your photo tutorials and the lovely pictures you share. Thanks!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday, Jennifer!
    I know it was a blessed one this year, my friend!


  23. Oh my goodness, so funny!!! no you shouldn't be wearing the bjorn :) happy birthday and congrats on the gorgeous shoot from BHG!!! So exciting.

  24. Happy Birthday Jennifer! Lovin' that last picture! It actually took me a minute to see you trying to close that box! LOL!

  25. Happy belated Birthday Miss Jenni!!
    Whatever would you do without the thoughtful Uncle Jason;)!!! How lucky you are to have such a funny bro!! I think Lillie is a budding photog!


  26. What a perfect gift, honestly. This shows such thoughtfulness. Happy Birthday! P.s. It is my birthday today, too :)

  27. Happy birthday!

    And as always Jason halliourus!



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