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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Prints

I'm just popping in real quickly to let you know we have another one of our Christmas thermal designs now available as a print.  We have it available as a chalkboard print:

and white and green as well:

We'll be back tomorrow with a guest post from my mom with one of our all-time favorite fall recipes and then seeing how the days and days and days of rain seemed to have finally stopped I am hoping to photograph our entryway and powder room in the next few days so I can share at least one of them next week (hopefully both of them!)

Have a lovely Wednesday evening!


  1. Love the thermals and the chalkboard with that print on them. I think I going to try and get some of your shirts for both of my grandchildren this year, Nothing like having something cute to wear like this through out the holiday season. Oh and please, please, show us the rest of everything that you have done in your house. In other words please show us both your rooms! lol! Thanks, Shawn (follower in Md.)

  2. Love the Christmas print Jennifer! I look forward to the guest post from your mom and your Fall recipe.

  3. Love this print, Jenni! ( Is that first picture frame from Target??) I was thinking about creating some sort of Advent Calendar this year and thought I should pass the idea on to you - with all of these beautiful pillows and prints that you create, maybe you'd consider some sort of Advent pillow/banner/wreath/chalkboard print??? It seems like it would tie in well with your product line -plus you have the most beautiful handwriting!
    Just an idea.: )
    xo Leah

    1. Thanks, Leah! They are actually both from Target. Because of the move and a few other things we have going on right now I don't think this year I am going to get much else done besides a few more chalkboards (and we will be printing the designs on a few other things which I'll be sharing soon hopefully!) but that would be an awesome idea for next year!


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