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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Last year I did this chalkboard for our hot cocoa bar. It was back before we were offering our chalk art as prints and downloads though, so I didn't photograph it in a way that we could reproduce. I tried to redraw it this year so we could offer it in our shop. Below is the 24 by 36 download that I printed off at Staples. (You can read about how we made our chalkboard frame and the process of printing the downloads in this post here).

And then we have it available as an 11 by 14 chalkboard print:

 I hope you all are having a wonderful week.


  1. Love these, and your hot chocolate bar is amazing

  2. Love these Jennifer. I'm headed over to the shop now to place my order! Hope the girls are enjoying our snap of cold weather!

  3. Jennifer, I love them! I know you have mentioned that your paperwhites are faux. Where did you get them? They are so real looking, I'd love to pick some up! Thanks! - eileen

    1. I got them five years ago at Savvy in Williamsburg. They don't carry that exact style now but they have some similar ones this year that are even more realistic looking in my opinion.

  4. Love this one! Hope you're feeling better, Jennifer!
    Leah: )

  5. HOw beautiful!!!! I'm going to order mine now,,, for Christmas!

  6. Your script is amazing, and i love the chocolate ink!



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