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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some Detail Shots of Jamie and Josh's Master Bathroom and a New Download

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! It's been a snowy one here which is rather unusual. We've spent the last several days making over our linen closet which we are teaming up with Wayfair for so even though it's pretty much finished I won't be posting about it for a couple more weeks. I've got some photos to edit of our newest sign that I will post about later this week and then I am about to start on another project, but in the meantime today I thought I would share a few photos my sister, Jamie, took of some of the details in her master bathroom.

 Have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. so pretty I love the bars of soap and scrubs in the mason jars, so pretty, crisp and clean!!!

  2. Just lovely!! How gifted you all are!

  3. Beautiful! Love every single detail!

  4. What a gorgeous bathroom! You and your sister and your whole family are so so talented and have such exquisite taste. Everything is elegant, classy and so warm and inviting. I love the basket with the little crocheted lace trim and those soaps sounds lovely! Stay warm Jennifer!

  5. All very beautiful! I want to know what is in those mason jars! It looks like a lovely homemade bath scrub.

  6. What's the color of the wall paint please?


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