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Friday, December 23, 2016

First Snowfall - A Christmas Walking Tour Through Our Little Town

As I said this autumn, I think our town is at its most beautiful in the fall, but there is something about the first snowfall that is just so pretty, too. As with most New Englanders, I have a love-hate relationship with snow. I was eagerly awaiting it since everything was looking so barren and dreary, but by mid-January I'm going to ask my husband if we can move south of the Mason-Dixon line. Ideally, we would have a light dusting every night and wake up to a little powder sprinkled over our world every morning, but unfortunately I don't think such a climate exists anywhere. 

I'm fond of this building downtown because we took some of our photos here on our wedding day:

I usually wander out this road on my way back home from the larger town nearby where we do most of our shopping and activities, because I turn onto it thinking it is our road and suddenly get disoriented halfway down it when I realize it's not. But it has some beautiful houses and amazing views!:

This is where both Jenni and I had our wedding receptions, across the street from the church where we both got is the same church our parents were married in!

Have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas! - Jamie


  1. Beautiful. I would like very much to experience a white Christmas just once in my life. (I'm 55, nope not yet). It's supposed to be in the the 70's this year. So I'll enjoy your gorgeous photos of the white stuff! Merry Christmas from Texas!

  2. So beautiful. So, so, so beautiful! I'm leaving this comment from Florida where the high today is 76. Ugh. Trade ya? ;) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. You mentioned on Instagram that you don't post photos of the outside of your house,which I agree is very wise. Do your neighbors mind? Just wondering if you have to get permission first or how that works. Thanks!

    1. Dear Liz,

      Yes, we do for quite a few of them! That's the beauty of a small town - ha! There are a few where we don't know the people though but sharing a picture of the exterior of a home from the view from the road or sidewalk isn't really any different than walking or driving by and we don't share location information (in fact, we haven't mentioned even the name of the New England town we live in in years) or any info on the families that live in them. =)

      Merry Christmas!

    2. Hello could you tell me where is this place???, Thank you and Happy Holidays

  4. Loved this post! No snow here in the Bay Area so this was a treat! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love these pictures - and love this town - we have a vacation house around the corner,
    and it's wonderful to see the town's beauties covered in snow! thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful town. Our Michigan town is a winter wonderland this year. Merry Christmas!

  7. Beautiful pictures.. perfect white Christmas, ... living in California, I've never experienced White Christmas...

    Please visit:

  8. My daughter lived in northern Wisconsin for several years and that's what they had: a little dry snow every day. Not usually enough to bring life to a halt, but enough to freshen up everything. And it's a "dry cold," unlike New England cold and damp. Love seeing your town, it's just like where I grew up in Massachusetts.

  9. Your little town is lovely, too cold for me, but love the architecture. Happy New Year! Jeannie

  10. Un véritable enchantement ces photos !
    Bonne et Heureuse Année.


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