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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Delicious Melted Leek and Fontina Focaccia Pizza

We do one order of Blue Apron meals each month and this month was just as delicious as every other month has been. This month our two meals were a Melted Leek and Fontina Focaccia Pizza with Brussels Sprouts and Lemon Ricotta and a Soy Glazed Chicken with Soba Noodles, Broccoli and CashewsAs has always been the case, the ingredients were so pretty and so fresh! They use farm-fresh high quality ingredients and that is always the first thing I notice when opening my box. (The ingredients are shipped in a refrigerated box so there's no reason to worry if you aren't there when it arrives). 

The first Blue Apron meal we made was the Melted Leek and Fontina Focaccia Pizza with Brussels Sprouts and Lemon Ricotta. Although I like Brussels Sprouts I was a little unsure if I was going to like them and the Leeks on my pizza but the way they mixed together brought out their natural sweetness and it was absolutely delicious. For the side there were carrots and parsnips that we roasted and finished off with a bit of honey and lemon juice. I have always been a huge fan of roasted carrots but have to admit I had never had roasted parsnips before and now I have to say I love them. The addition of the honey and lemon on them was the perfect touch. 

I thought the prep for this meal was pretty easy. It was just some basic chopping and you were supposed to grate the cheese but I actually only grated some of it and then just cut it into thin slices which worked great too. One of my favorite things about Blue Apron is having all of the ingredients shipped right to our front door. It makes it so nice not having to worry about being short on an ingredient or having to make any extra trips to the grocery store. 

Here is what it looked like before popping it into the oven:

And here is what it looked like all finished. I have to admit I did leaves the leaks and brussels sprouts off of Lillie and Lola's half and they devoured theirs. I thought it was absolutely delicious with the leaks and brussels sprouts and would make it again in a heartbeat. It's definitely high on my list!

And the carrots and parsnips were absolutely delicious too! 

This also was easy to prep and our whole family loved the chicken. It had such a great flavor and mixed really well with the noodles and broccoli.

So those were our latest two Blue Apron meals. I highly suggest trying the recipes!!!! We do the family plan but they also have a two person plan and they also now offer a recycling plan with two different options! One of my favorite things is that is really helps us get out of our cooking rut which I fall into quite easily and it also helps me branch out and try different things (like leaks and brussels sprouts on my pizza!) and I end up loving them.

If you have never tried Blue Apron before we highly recommend it. For the first 25 readers who use this discount code you can get three free meals on your first order! 

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!

*This post was sponsored by Blue Apron. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Ohh wow that looks so delicious 😋
    Love that you make a healthy pizza
    I must try it
    Wish you a lovely day too


  2. Love my Blue Apron meals. We get four meals a week. It makes dinner so easy and the recipes are delicious. I really enjoyed the pizza and the soba noodles and chicken was delicious too. It feels like Christmas every week when my boxes arrive.


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