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Friday, March 17, 2017

New Scented Kitchen Candles

We are excited to share with you some new kitchen candles sent to us by etúHOME. They are specifically created for the kitchen with all sorts of delicious blends customized to be reminiscent of their favorite European cities. Their candles are made from the finest essential oils created in Grasse, France, which is the perfume capitol of the world. The essential oils are hand mixed with a blend of high-quality mineral and vegetable waxes. Used together, this customized blend guarantees the candle's longevity and keeps the scent powerful each time you burn it plus it helps keep an elegant and smooth appearance. My two favorites were the Palermo and Geneve.

The Palermo is according to their website,  "a fresh and sparkling scent comes alive with a simple combination of lemon and ginger. Palermo, which was once entirely a citrus grove, is renowned for its wonderful lemons. Its nickname, Conca d’Oro, means Bowl of Gold and references the abundance of lemon trees that once covered the city. Our candle pairs this zesty lemon fragrance with the spicy notes of the ginger root creating the perfect scent to fill your kitchen before your guests arrive. Ease your mind and refresh the air you breathe with this lively scent." And I can definitely attest to what a beautiful fresh and citrusy scent is has and I love how it makes the kitchen smell. 

My other favorite is the Geneve, which I am sure comes as no surprise as it is a chocolate and hazelnut mix.  Here is how they describe it, "On the southern tip of Lac Leman lies the beautiful city of Geneva surrounded by the Alps with views of the stunning Mont Blanc. During the 17th century, chocolate making began in Switzerland. World renowned for its quality, Swiss chocolate is often paired with hazelnuts, which give texture to the creamy confection. The classic combination of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts creates a complex scent that is bitter without being overpowering. Light this candle, and you will be instantly transported to a Swiss chalet high in the show-covered Alps." I thought it was a sweet smelling candle and loved how it made our house feel. 

    Not only do the candles smell divine I absolutely love the simple elegant jar and the beautiful packaging of them! 

    They also carry this large size which is absolutely gorgeous! 

    They sell lots of other beautiful hand-crafted European items as well like this cake stand and cloche.

    Be sure to head on over and check out their beautiful website! And have a fabulous weekend! 

    Kitchen and Breakfast Area Source List:

    Cabinet Color - existing (I am pretty sure it is Lampblack by Benjamin Moore)
    Wall Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell
    Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss
    Counters - existing but some form of granite
    Kitchen Table - Joss and Main (right now the top is resting on this side table we already owned while we await the arrival of the base)
    Round Back Chairs - World Market
    Gold Lantern - Lighting Design (you call one of their showrooms to order)
    Wood Bookcase with Glass Doors - Wayfair
    Church Painting - Deann
    Window Seat - Custom Built
    Pillows on Window Seat - HomeGoods
    Throw on Window Seat - HomeGoods
    Faux Fur on Window Seat - Ikea

    Source List for Cake Stand Photos:

    Wall Color - Dove White by Benjamin Moore in eggshell
    Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semigloss
    Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Semigloss
    Cake Stand - EtuHome
    Demijon Cloche - EtuHome
    Table Runner - Pottery Barn 
    Chair - World Market
    Pillow - Birch Lane 
    Goblets - Birch Lane 
    Urn used as Vase - The Arrow's Nest


    1. Beautiful kitchen! And we love their candles!

    2. Scented candles add such a warm touch to any house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

    3. Nice kitchen blog! Thanks for sharing...

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