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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Our New Master Bathroom

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can't believe it's already over. I spent a good bit of my weekend getting our garage completely organized which was not a fun project and something I have been dreading but I am so happy to finally have that done - woohoo! And then I spent some time working on adding some finishing touches to our porch. Just waiting on two little details out there and then I will get that photographed - hopefully later this week. The girls bathroom remodel is also underway so we should have lots to share soon! 

In the meantime I wanted to share some pictures of our master bathroom. I feel like this post needs to come with a little bit of background. This was one of the two spaces that the previous owner remodeled before putting the house on the market. The bathroom is by far the largest one we've ever had and I can't tell you how much we LOVE having a free-standing tub! That being said some of the finishes are a little more modern than I would have chosen - like the tub and sinks. And I would have removed the bulkhead above the sink area (which we probably still will do at some point) and a few other things as well. That being said it was so nice moving into a completely remodeled master bathroom and we are so grateful! 

If we were starting from scratch I think I would have gone for a less feminine look and added some warmer wood tones to the room, and probably not have done the dark walls but because the floors, vanity, and counters were all so light I decided to go with dark walls to add some contrast (the walls were baby blue when we moved in). And because we will be completely making over the other two bathrooms I didn't want to spend really any money in here so I used some mirrors, draperies and other accessories we already owned.

Our main purchase for this room was the light fixture. I initially thought I was going to put it in Lola's room but decided to try it in here and I think this is where it's going to stay. And then we added this painting from Deann which makes such a great focal point! Her artwork is always so eye-catching yet soothing too! I LOVE how this piece of hers works in here (although I also love how it looks in our master bedroom).

This chair was a little more french and feminine than I was looking for but I couldn't find what I had in mind and I kept seeing this one every time I went to HomeGoods. I had some gift cards so it didn't cost me anything so I ended up pulling the trigger on it eventually, and I have to say it is really comfortable! And I got the hand towels at Target on clearance for $3!

This cabinet ended up in our bedroom somehow on accident on moving day. It is pretty heavy so not something I could move on my own downstairs so I ended up sliding it into the bathroom and I think it will probably stay here now - haha! I has that same french/feminine feel I was trying to avoid in here but it is functional and free so that probably means it won't ever leave this spot - ha!

I also fully planned on painting over the chevron pattern on the back but clearly didn't get to that. 

I made this little bathtub tray from a basic piece of wood (and it has two smaller pieces on the underneath side that keeps it from sliding off). Lillie and Lola think it's so much fun! Ha! 

The shower and toilet are in here - and that's one of the two last remaining white doors in the house. I have to take that one down to paint it and just haven't gotten around to it yet. 

And here you can see how it flows with our master bedroom. You can see that full post here

Source List:

Wall Color - Nightfall in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore (it was supposed to be eggshell but got mixed wrong and I didn't notice until I had already been painting for an hour so decided just to go with it although I wouldn't purposely go with Semi-Gloss on walls)
Trim and Cabinets - Existing - will eventually be painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Chair - HomeGoods
All Mirrors - HomeGoods 
Flooring - Existing (some form of 12 by 12 marble)
Cabinet - found at a consignment shop years ago and painted Gray Owl
Items in Cabinet - HomeGoods
Hamper - HomeGoods
Draperies - Ikea Ritva Panels 
Photo - I took it several years ago and it's in an IKEA frame 
Tray on Tub - I made it 
Candle - HomeGoods 
Makeup Brushes and Powder - Gifts

I hope you all have a fabulous week!



  1. Jenni,
    This is such a stunning room, love the dark walls. It's been so fun watching you transform your beautiful new home. What would call your design style? Thank you, Lori Swearingen :)

    1. Thanks, Lori! Jenni would call it "traditional with a twist."


    2. Thankyou for your reply...I love her simple yet elegant style :)

  2. Love it all. I'm so jealous about your home goods chair since I've been searching for one like that to no avail! Very pretty!

  3. Beautiful! It may not be the look you were going for exactly, but it is a wonderful space and you made it work! I love the dark walls with the light finishes on the floor, etc.

  4. It is stunning. I think the French looking chair and the cabinet tone down the modern look to the fixtures. I also love the tray. Gorgeous.

  5. Wow! The bathroom is dramatic and beautiful. I love the light fixture and had been considering that one myself. Think you just convinced me.

  6. This bathroom is to die for. That tub, lights and all around feel of the room. I don't think I would ever leave it.

  7. Some really nice products for home decor!
    Loved them :)

  8. This space is stunning. What an amazing oasis. The dark colors create a calming feel and the wall decor you have chosen is the cherry on top.

  9. Oh my god, I love it! The colors are absolutely on trend and everything is perfect in your master bathroom. The white tulips are a fantastic touch and make the room pop, and that free standing tub is amazing. I bet it would be great on a cold winter's day. You have fantastic taste and should be an interior designer.


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