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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding

"Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away."

Song of Solomon 8:6-7a

My beautiful cousin, Sarah, walking down the isle!

Oh my goodness! Has it ever been a crazy last few days. On Saturday morning we woke up to an overcast sky and then it began raining an hour before the wedding was supposed to begin. Despite the rain, the wedding turned out to be absolutely beautiful and was so incredibly touching. (The rain did dampen my photo taking, though). Fortunately, the rain stopped once the reception started and it turned out to be a lovely afternoon. Sarah made a stunning bride and Dan was cute as could be! Congratulations to you both! We love you so much and had a wonderful time at your wedding.

We started our long drive back home after the wedding on Saturday and finally got in late yesterday afternoon. Then this morning, my computer decided not to turn on and it has been at Staples all day and still isn't working yet. I am fearing it may be time for a new laptop! Ahhhh! Just what a don't need to be worrying about right now. Fortunately, I have most of my files backed up on Carbonite and am using Jon's laptop right now to catch up on e-mails, convos, messages and comments. I am really backed up and I can only use Jon's laptop once he is home for the night so it may take me a couple of days to get caught up with you all - I am so sorry! So, although I did love the character, Kip, from Napoleon Dynamite, I have to disagree with him because I do NOT "love technology...." Last week I had no phone and this week no computer - ahhh!

I had edited all of the photos from the wedding but unfortunately Carbonite didn't back up everything so here is what I do have. Some are missing the "Dear Lillie" logo because they didn't all save.

My cousin, Robert, played the piano for the Bridal Procession. It was absolutely beautiful. Here he is practicing at my parent's house a few hours before the wedding. Lillie, of course, wanted to help out and he was so sweet to her. She has a MAJOR crush on him now, and kept saying "Rober" all weekend!

Lillie and Jon under an umbrella. It started off quite rainy, but ended up stopping.

Seeing how it was rainy we took some pictures on the porch before heading up to Walpole for the wedding. Here is Lillie with Jon and I.

And here she is with Auntie Jamie

And with my mom, "Moosie" - or Moo Moo as she says now =)

Kissing Auntie Dana

Auntie Jamie, Uncle Josh and Lillabel

Lillie with Moosie and Papa Moose

Getting kisses from Uncle Jason and our cousin Robert (they grew these sketchy beards that we all hated and refused to shave them off for the wedding - at least you can't see them in this picture - haha)

Here we are sitting in the pew at the ceremony. They got married at the same church that Jon and I got married at almost 4 years ago. My parents and sister Jamie and her husband Josh got married there as well. It is a beautiful old church that was founded in Walpole, NH in 1776! I will share some pictures of it another time.
Here is Abigail Grace getting pulled down the isle in a wagon pulled by her three older brothers. I wish I had a better shot of this! I started crying when they came down. It was such a beautiful and innocent moment. Abby looked absolutely angelic and Robert, Luke and Josiah looked so proud!

Sarah entering the tent after being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Dan Batchelder!

The beautiful wedding cake

The decorations were absolutely perfect. I am so mad I didn't get any good shots of them. The tent was gorgeous and all of the details were just beautiful! It is so hard trying to take pictures while running around after an 18 month old! Ahhh!

Sarah and her maid of honor, our cousin, Lauren. Aren't they stunning?

Twirling around with Auntie Dana

Lillie with "Uncle" Jake! (Jason's best friend who is basically like a brother to us!)

Of course, she was absolutely in heaven with all of the boys paying attention to her. I do not know what we are going to do when she is fifteen! Ahhh!

Lillie and our cousin Blake who is the sweetest thing and so good to her!

Oh so happy!

Happy little girl!

She loves her Daddy!

All tuckered out!
The jacket, shoes and hair clip Lillie is wearing are from Joyfolie. Jessica just did an incredibly sweet post about us on her blog. The jacket is one of my all time favorite things I have gotten for Lillie and I want to get her another one in red. The shoes were absolutely so elegant and went perfectly with her Dear Lillie Juliet Tutu. The way they laced up was so beautiful and the color of the shoe was absolutley gorgeous. I have some more pictures of the shoes and will share them along with some other pictures I took of Lillie and Abigail Grace the other day once I get my laptop back (or I suppose I should say, "if" I get my laptop back).

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  1. What a wonderful family, you all seem so close. The wedding looks like it was gorgeous and a lot of fun. Sarah made a beautiful bride.

    Lillie is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. I was showing her picture to my husband the other day so he could she how pretty she is. I love her cheeks and those gorgeous blue eyes...My Jude would be "in love" with her ;)

    So sorry to hear about your computer, I hope they are able to fix it quickly for you.

  2. Oh my! Jenni! You take such amazing pictures!!! You should get into photography!!! Paris has the same jacket and shoes!!:) Well, we haven't got the shoes yet but I ordered the same ones;) I LOVE the jacket!! It is so cute on!! Also the cowl neck dress is super cute on!! I think I need one in every size!! Lillian is the cutest girl ever!!! If you ever decide to take her to the Norfolk Zoo let me know and we can maybe meet up:) I would love to introduce the girls:) Every time Paris sees another little girl she gets so excited:) Beautiful wedding!! I hope everything works out with your computer!! I was without one for a weekend and felt lost!!:)

  3. Adorable pictures! And I love the top of the bridesmaid's dress. I can't imagine how lovely it is.

  4. You are so sweet, Alisha! And I bet Lillie would be in love with Jude! Haha!

    Prencie - you are going to die when you get the shoes. They are my new favorites! I didn't get the cowl neck yet because I am banned from buying Lillie any more clothes until fall. I am praying she still has some then, becuase that and the red jacket are going to be my first two purchases! I really want to take Lillie to the zoo. I am hoping we will in either August or September! (We will be gone all of July). If we do I will let you know. I am sure Paris and Lillie would love each other.

    Justine - the dresses were really beautiful! I wish I had some better pictures of them.

  5. Jenni these pics are sooooooo pretty! Okay your fam has the pretty genes! All of you are gorgeous! What a lovely wedding!!!!

  6. WOW! The photos, wedding and your family are all just beautiful. The bride will be so thankful you have captured these memories for her.

    Lillie looks so adorable, esp. when surrounded by all the adoring boys......

    Have a great day,

    Baton Rouge, LA

  7. Wow - what a beautiful wedding! Lillie looked like she was in her own little heaven there with all of the boys, so precious and wonderful that they all love her like they do!

    My favorite picture has to be that third one from the bottom! Think her faces sums up how the wedding day went and how much fun she had!

    The family picture of the 3 of you is beautiful too!

    Sorry to hear about your computer - has to be so frustrating! I was without my phone for 4 hours yesterday and thought I was missing a child! If I had no computer, lights out for me. Hope everything works out.

  8. What an amazingly gorgeous wedding! And Lillie looks like she is in heaven! Love the pic of her with all the "boys!" As I have said before, your pictures are just amazing. I have been inspired by you to take better photographs and try to make them look as lovely as yours!

    Good luck with getting your computer fixed - it's crazy how dependent we are on electronics nowadays!

  9. Seriously, the most gorgeous family on the planet! What a beautiful and happy family. Loved looking at these pictures Jenni. Lillie is so loved and what a cutie pie she is. Those cheeks, those eyes, you are definitely going to be in trouble when she is 15!!

    I hope you get your computer back soon. I know how frustrating it is to be without one, even for a day. Crossing my fingers they figure out the problem soon.

    LOVE the Joyfolie goodies Lillie is wearing. I am patiently awaiting the red bolero's arrival. So excited to dress Lane up in it. My hubby has kind of banned me from buying too.....Lane has too much already. LOL

  10. What a beautiful wedding! You got some great photos of Lillie too! I recognized that jacket immediately b/c I've been wanting to get one for Ella & Halle. I got a dress for Ella last week but haven't had her wear it yet. I love Jessica's is your clothing as well! It's so wonderful to meet so many talented and sweet ladies thru this blogging community! Have a wonderful day!!


  11. There's nothing like a wedding! Beautiful and Lillie stole the show. Great memories...

  12. what a gorgeous blog and love your pictures - pleased you all had such a good wedding

  13. Can I just say it must be the water that everyone in your family drinks because you are all gorgeous! I have never seen a more beautiful family, except maybe mine, lol! The bride looked amazing and your little one's outfit is too cute! How sweet was she being pulled by her brothers in that wagon, I would have cried too!

  14. What a beautiful family and your photography is gorgeous!

  15. Wow, I LOVE your photography skills!!! Impressive;)) I am buying a few actions for Photoshop and would love to hear some of your favorites... I just bought Totally Rad Kit, lily Blue, smooth skin and a few others. What did you use on these photos? Thanks for your advice... I am so excited to try all these new 'toys'!!!

  16. Thanks so much! I tried to respond by e-mail but you didn't include your address and I couldn't find any info on you on your page so I will just respond here. I like to run actions and add textures by Florabella, Paint the Moon, and Pioneer Woman. Good luck - it is so much fun!

  17. Thank you! What awesome actions!! I love Pioneer Women and will try Florabella & Paint the moon. Which action do you use for flawless skin? Your photos have AH-mazingly perfect skin... Thanks again and congrats on your new store front... I'll be checking in on that tonight!!!

  18. Thanks! I use Paint the Moon's "Make my skin perfect" action.

  19. Lord, you are fast:) Thanks again for the great advice and inspiring photography! I am so grateful!


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