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Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Have A WINNER!!!!

Well, I FINALLY got my computer back! This really nice boy named Tim spent the last week working in it. It looked like it was going to be toast, but he was able to get it running least for now, anyway. I am having some trouble still with Photoshop, but at least my computer is turning on! Haha! So, now I have a ton of posts to do. I have so many e-mails, convos and comments to catch up on tonight, though, so this one will be brief! I knew we needed to announce the winner of our latest give-away today, though, so here is a quick post to announce our winner (and, of course, a few shots of Lillie).

So, here is what the True Random Number Generator came up with for us:

Yay!!!! Congratulations to Shanna of the blog Miss Arkansas Bride! Yay!!!! You win both the ring-bearer pillow and the clutch! (How fitting that you actually could use the pillow as a ring-bearer pillow! I thought for sure it wouldn't be a bride that won and it would end up being used as an accent pillow).

Don't forget to check back as we will be hosting another fun give-away later this week! And check back tomorrow for a post with photos of our newest tutu, the Audrey Hepburn Tutu!

And of course, I can't leave you without a few photos of my little Lillabel! She loves to help husk the corn on the cob. Here she is doing it out on the daybed on our back porch. For some reason she LOVES the corn raw and can pretty much eat a whole ear that way. She doesn't like it as much once it is cooked. She also enjoys biting into each ear to find the one she likes best before chowing down. Yuck!


  1. Ok so a little bummed out I didn't win, sure was trying but after seeing those SUEPR SWEET pictures of Lillabel I couldn't stop smilig. Congrats to the winner, sounds like a perfect win for the bride-to-be.

  2. Lillabel is such a doll! These pictures are too cute! Congratulations to Shanna!! :)

  3. Thanks guys! Mande - have a little more sewing to do and then am going to get back to catching up on convos and yours is one of them! I am so behind due to not having my laptop all week!

  4. Ok...HOW did I miss this giveaway? :( BUMMER!!!

    And Lillie, I'm dying...seriously she is toocute. Eating corn with no clothes on with a gogeous clip in her hair and on a beautiful day bed. Too cute.


    Oh, is that mateasse coverlet Simply Shabby Chic from Target? I think I have the same one!!! ha :)

  5. Very cute!! Love the tan shes got goin' on;) Yummm corn:P Haven't had any, yet, this year:)

  6. Congrats Shanna!

    Oh my word Lillie is so cute eating that corn. What a little doll :)

    So happy they were able to fix your computer.

  7. Oh man I am sooo sad I lost but these pics are the cutest!!! I am smiling from ear to ear! She is a doll!

  8. I love you're pictures! They're the most adorable thing ever!

    I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you wanted to check it out.

  9. Aw yes! Your little girl is adorable!!!!

  10. I was really hoping I could get my hands on the clutch, but that's okay. I am glad Shanna can use both the clutch and the pillow as a bride-to-be. The pictures are adorable!

  11. So sad I lost, but I do LOVE her eating that corn on the cobb. Is she ever NOT just super adorable?

  12. I do not just say this to flatter you but I think your blog is one of the most beautiful I've read! I want a new header as beautiful as yours! wow! I enjoy my visits here. I went to your etsy site for the first time today! If my girls were smaller I would be all over it!

  13. Thank you all for your kind words! Amy - it isn't the Shabby Chic one, but I know which one you are talking about! Haha! This one is soooo old - I think maybe the Martha Stewart line at Kmart, but I can't remember. When we moved from SC to VA it got covered in blue dye in two spots so I used it on the daybed (which was two antique beds, but thanks to the move they were destroyed and I turned them into a daybed) and hid the stains down the backside and then covered the few spots that were visable with pillows.

    Lissa - you are so sweet to say that and I feel honored. I have been following your blog for some time now and it has always been one of my favorites because of how inspirational it is and your gorgeous photos. The ones of you and your girls against the old truck are some of MY FAVORITE photos I have ever seen! I wish I lived near you because I would beg you to let me recreate that shot with Lillie!

    Prencie - I know! Lillie is so tanned! I hate it, becuase I am so jealous of her. She got Jon's skin and even coated in sunscreen she turns brown. I, on the other hand, am either pale or burned and never much in between.


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