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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Chronicles of Windy Ridge

Well, I STILL don't have my laptop and therefore don't have my photos or my editing programs, so I thought I would do a post on one of my FAVORITE blogs. Over the past few months I have shared several blogs that I enjoy reading. There are so many beautiful blogs out there that I have fallen in love with, but there are two that I especially enjoy because of how inspiring they have been to me. They were the first two blogs I discovered and they quickly sucked me into the world of blogging. Not only are they beautiful blogs, with stunning photography, they are written by young women with families who run very successful handmade clothing and accessory lines. How they juggle everything that they do, is completley beyond me, but it has truly been inspirational to follow their journeys. One of them is Joyfolie, which I shared with you all a few weeks ago, and the other one is the Chronicles of Windy Ridge, which I want to share with you now.

The Chronicles of Windy Ridge is written by Jennifer, the woman behind Eden's Bouquet. If you haven't ever checked out Eden's Bouquet I highly recommend you do. It is such a visual treat! She has such a gorgeous style and I love the vintage feel that everything she does portrays. She is also gorgeous and when you see a picture of her you will NOT believe how many children she has! (I am not going to tell you, you will have to head on over there to find out). I dream of having a houseful of children like that - although, I still need to do a lot of convincing of poor Jon! Haha!

Anyway, here is just a sampling from her blog:

Here are some photos of her home:
I LOVE the concrete countertops she just did!
Here are some photos of her GORGEOUS clothing line:

And here are some photos from our friend Jenn of Forty Toes of her gorgeous daughter Stella Marie wearing one of their gowns.
Here she is wearing a Dear Lillie hair clip with an Eden's Bouquet dress.
Okay, well that is is for now. I was hoping to be in bed by two because I have been pulling WAY too many 4AM nights, but it is already after three and I still have several orders to package up and print labels for so I had better get to work! Ahhhhh!
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  1. LOVE Eden's Bouquet!! Jen's clothing is so incredibly gorgeous! Love the heirloom quality of each piece. Beautiful post Jenni!! Hope you can get some sleep soon.

  2. I LOVE Eden's Bouquet, too! We're doing a giveaway with them in July. I didn't realize Jen had a blog, going to check it out now. I really love her style.

  3. WOW-her home is beautiful! I only wish that I had decorating skills like that! Off to check her out!

  4. Her home is gorgeous and I love her clothes... Thank you for sharing her blog with us. I don't know how you stay up until 4 am. I really hope you can get some rest this weekend.

  5. I LOVE Eden's Bouquet!!!! Jen is my inspiration for soooooo many things! LOVE LOVE her stuff and I can't wait for her MArket Collection!!! I am soooo addicted to cute kid clothes!!! Love the Forty Toes Girl!!! Hee Hee! Hugs Jenn

  6. What a cute blog! I love her clothes, can't wait to have some babies to dress up....

  7. Thanks for the links....Your header is adorble...totally...Trying to catch up some blog reading...Love your blog..
    Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a guest post from my son this weekend...Happy Sunday

  8. Thank you thank you thank you! ALL of you just made my day!


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