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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Few Photos

I don't have time to write now, but wanted to post a few photos from today! I took a ton of them and will post more when I have more time.

Lillian Annabel and Abigail Grace (I think they are going to be "kindred spirits" just like Anne and Diana!)

This is my cousin Cathy and her husband Jason's youngest child - Abigail Grace! Isn't she just the most beautiful baby you ever saw?


Both Abby and Lillie are wearing Dear Lillie tutus and Lillie's jacket and Abby's hair clip are from Joyfolie. Lillie is wearing one of Joyfolie's newest pair of shoes in the top photo, although it is hard to see. I have some better pictures of those that I cannot wait to share once I have a bit more time. The jacket is one of my most favorite things ever! I wish Jessica made them in my size!
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  1. Jenni these are gorgeous kids but the pics are awesome you have to share if you are using actions and which ones!!!! You are quite the photographer!!! Hee Hee!!! Hugs Jenn

  2. Thanks, Jenn! I use Pioneer Woman and then I just bought the Flora Bella ones that Jessica at Joyfolie suggested on her blog. I was bit hesitant about spending the money on them but it was definitely worth it!

  3. Gorgeous!!! What beautiful girls!!! So loving the cowgirl boots. Need to get a pair of those for Lanie bug. xo

  4. I LOVE beautiful art, and that is what these pictures are!! thanks for sharing!
    visiting from

  5. Those are simply gorgeous! I love Joyfolie, too. Great combo ;)

  6. Pictures are beautiful! I LOVE that top one the most! Great job!

  7. you seriously have the most amazing style! I just love visiting your blog!

  8. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them :)

    The girls look gorgeous and I am loving Lillie's entire outfit those boots are really cute.

  9. Your photos are just gorgeous! I LOVE the setting, beautiful girls and very sweet tutu!

    Glad to see Lillie is feeling better.

    Debra & Morgan

  10. Jen, I just made a post with your items. I was wondering if you were using Florabella processing--I thought so! Shana is really sweet and a genuinely kind person. It's nice to have so many amicable connections among women.

    Anyway, your items are LOVELY! I wish I felt more comfortable in front of the camera or could find a model b/c your dresses fit really cute! Very flattering! :)

  11. i so love your photos, they are amazing! found you through joyfolie and i'm so glad i did. i'm also loving your blog. i am now your newest follower. glad to meet you!


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