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Friday, June 25, 2010

Silhouette Pillow

Happy Friday! First, I just want to remind everyone we will be closing our Etsy shop later today at around 5:30 and won't be reopening until August 16th!

Second, don't forget to enter out giveaway for one of our Annabel Tanks. Giveaway ends Sunday! (You can add entries through the day Sunday and we will announce the winner Sunday night).

Okay, and now on to my post:

One of the things that I have really loved about Etsy is that is brings back into play the old-fashioned bartering system. Jon thinks it is quite hilarious, but I LOVE it. (Actually, seeing how we haven't had to buy anything for Lillie in quite some time - he loves it too!) For the most part I only do trades for things for Lillie but a few weeks ago I saw these pillows at Lacey In The Sky and couldn't resist! She was willing to do a trade and these arrived yesterday! How cute are they? The boy is her standard silhouette, but then I sent her a silhouette of Lillie and she did that for me as well.

Here they are in our family room: (I still want to paint the walls a dark brownish grey in here and I REALLY want to replace the furry pillows behind the new silhouette ones, but they are all I have lying around right now - I really want to go with a burlap pillow... or at least I think, anyway!)

Here is what the chairs looked like with my VERY old pillows! And I didn't have matching ones which drove me crazy but I hadn't had time to make new ones.

After getting those, I ended up playing around in my dining room as well. I moved the moss balls from my mantel and decided to try them in my dough bowl.
I got our 4 side chairs in our dining room for 6 dollars a piece - how gross were they? Haha! Yes, that is GREEN FELT on the seats. I painted them Ashley Grey and recovered the seats with our old draperies from our last house.

Some cute little hang tags from Paper Eclectiques

Whoops - Jon tossed the bread over to me the other night when we were eating dinner and it hit the chandelier. I totally forgot to straighten the candles back out until looking at this photo - haha!

We have several new things to that I plan on showing you all soon. Here is a sneak peak at a dress my mom made for Lillie and that she may be making for the shop in the fall! It is soooo cute and I can't wait to take more pics to show you all. Jamie also just finished the cutest new clutch - definitely my new favorite and a completely different look than the other ones. As soon as she sends me pictures of it I will show you!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love those pillows! I might have to check her out! I think they look perfect on those chairs. I love the light hanging in the living room and your mossy thing with the sticks is fantastic! I love your style! Cute dress, you should put it in the shop!

  2. Love the silhouette pillows! What a cute idea! Also the dress Aunt Heidi made is awesome! Love it! xo.

  3. The pillows look great in your room! I'm glad they got there... seems like it took a bit! I wore my shirt the other day and got a ridiculous amount of compliments and "Where did you get that's?" If you want to mail me some cards, I will hand them out when I'm asked, because I seriously was asked by at least 6 women the other day! It's hard explaining the Etsy thing to people who don't frequent it...

    (& here's a little secret for you... that "standard little boy" is my nephew! Hehe :) He's got a perfect little silhouette!)

  4. Hey Lace! You beat me to it! I was about to send you an e-mail thanking you for the pillows and letting you know I did a blog post about them! Your nephew is so cute! I have seen his pics on your blog. I should have known it was him. He does have the perfect little silhouette! Will e-mail you later today!

  5. Gorgeous!! ALL of it!!! I so love the chairs you have with slip covers!!! I am chomping at the bit to change out my living room to more of nuetral haven!! I LOVE color but I'm ready to tone it down =) I love the idea of burlap pillows I am so on that train right now!!! I want all natural linen, burlap, jute, french script writing on the walls.....on and on it goes. I just hope it's not because it's summer and then I regret it in the winter;) The hubby will freak! Fab find on those chairs!!

  6. LOVE everything! That dress that your mom made is so pretty! All these new things and you are closing! Ahhhhhhh! What is a girl to do?!

  7. Beautiful pillows! Love the chair makeover too. What a find...and that little dress your mom made is too cute!!
    Going to miss my daily window shop at Dear Lillie. Your shop has so many beautiful things- especially those darling tutus!! xoxo

  8. ooh the pillows are so sweet, esp. your Lillie. I'm sure you will treasure it always.

    Your home is lovely. I also enjoy the natural linens, burlap, etc....thank you for the inspiration and motivation to redecorate a bit--too much silk here,lol!

    LOVE the dress your mom made, does it have a tulle hem?

    Have a great weekend,

    Baton Rouge, LA

  9. Love these pillows, they are really pretty... And the dress your mom made is darling. I am looking forward to all the new things you are creating during this time the shop is closed... I really hope there will be some items for toddler boys {hint, hint} ;)

    I love your house, it is absolutely gorgeous. You really do a great job decorating it. I wish I had just half of your design talent.

  10. you are so lucky that you can trade for so many beautiful things! You did a lovely makeover on the chairs and that dress for Lillie is too cute for words!

  11. Love how you painted the chairs! And have you heard of Le papier studio? She sells on etsy and has some silhouette pillows as well. xoxo

  12. I just realized you said you were closed until Aug 16!! ACK I missed the deadline I need another tutu haha. I'll have to order first thing when you come back xoxo

  13. Your home is just stunning! I love your new pillows they are great!

  14. Where did you get the moss ball that is on your coffee table? I love your blog! Great inspiratioin!

  15. The moss balls are a mix. I got some of them at a place called Savvy in Williamsburg, VA and I made the other ones just using a basic craft ball and gluing moss onto it.

  16. i know you are about to pop but i have a question. when you painted your dining room chairs did you strip them first or just sand and paint? did you use an oil based paint? i want to paint my grandmother's dining set but am nervous that i am going to ruin them instead... yikes! did you paint the sideboard too? what colors did you use? and stencil?

    thanks so much!


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