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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Chairs for Dana's Apartment and Timeless Settings

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 About a year or so ago I shared some photos of my younger sister, Dana's apartment. For the most part her apartment looks the same as that post but she did find some chairs for her dining room table that were perfect for her space so I thought I would show you all a few photos.

Dana and Lillie

 You can see more photos of her apartment and a cost breakdown for it if you click here.

Coincidentally, Lola was wearing a little pair of shoes that matched Dana's apartment perfectly that day!
Oh, how I love her little baby feet!

Also, we are having a big sale on one of our items that we just restocked. 

 When we got them back from the printers there was a very faint line that was printed on them that shouldn't have been there (you can see it on the last photo on the product page). Because of that we are offering them at $20 off their regular price! (They normally are $34.95 but are $14.95 right now). Once they are gone they will be made again and go back to regular price. We had quite a few of them when we listed them last night but they have sold quite fast!

And finally, I would like to introduce you all to another one of our sponsors! 
 Here is a little bit about this wonderful online shop owned by Donna:

Timeless Settings is the perfect place to find unique home decor items, all at very reasonable prices. All items are handpicked just for you, so you'll be able to have the newest look without spending too much money. I hope that you enjoy the great variety of unique and fun items for your home, gift giving and special occasions. Be sure and check back often, I am always adding new items.

Here are two of my favorite items:

You can also check out Donna's blog here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. It's all so chic!!! Love the grey walls with the black furniture and accents.

  2. Jennifer this is gorgeous, Hugs P.S>I'm having my very first blog hop today Please stop by and link up your lovely blog.

  3. Jennifer your sisters apt is beautiful and I love those chairs! OMG Lola's little feet too cute! Martina

  4. Your sisters apartment looks so chic~love it!

  5. I LOVE those chairs and the rest of the decor for that matter!! So chic, so gorgeous!!!

  6. The chairs are a big hit! Could you tell us where they came from? -Kim

  7. The chairs are awesome! What is it about the zebra stripy thing that is so good??? I would love to incorporate it in my house too, just haven't figured out how. I love the Audrey Hepburn pillow, her house looks wonderful!, i'm off to read more about it...


  8. Dana's apartment is "sexy dear lillie" and very nice! Love Little Lolabird's shoes, she is so huggable I am quite sure.

  9. Really love the black and white decorating and the chairs are beautiful!

  10. Jennifer could you post a tutorial on how you sew your rosettes? I am wanting to make some of the decorative home accents in this post, but have no clue how to make them.

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Kim - she got the chairs at TJMaxx.

    Cricket - we haven't made any rosettes since we started doing tutorials so we don't have one for them. Maybe if we even do another project with them at point we will consider trying to do a tutorial for them!

  12. Love it!!! What color are her walls? I am looking for a good gray color for my bedroom.

  13. Thanks Courtney! The wall color is called Timber Wolf by Benjamin Moore.

  14. LOVE Dana's apartment... and I think we have the exact dresser from when I was a little girl!! We have now put it in our guest bedroom because I can't bare the thoughts of getting rid of my childhood bedroom suite. I've been saying we are painting the entire set black as well but just haven't brought myself to do it yet. After seeing it here, I think I'm ready. <3

  15. I RARELY make comments on blogs. But I had to tell you that after I get the kids to bed I scroll through my google reader pretty fast. Every time I see your kids...I think..."MAN...her kids are the most beautiful kids! They have the coolest eyes." Just thought I'd let you know...but I'm sure you know how adorable they are.


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