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Friday, September 9, 2011

Easy Hot Fudge Sauce

"Exercise is a dirty word...every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate."
- Charles Schulz

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I have been busy with our shop reopening, decorating for fall and doing several little projects that I will post about as well as planning a post on where in the world we keep Lillie's toys (yes, she does own some toys although they are seldom seen in photos) however I am having trouble getting any of these posts finished. It has been pouring here and therefore not good weather for taking photos and thanks to the thunderstorms the girls have not been napping or sleeping well. Hopefully the weekend will be nicer! Anyway, my lovely sister Jamie has been bribed into doing a post for me with a recipe for one of our favorite childhood desserts. (You can see her post with a delicious recipe for S'more Cookies here). If you are normally a skimmer (I must admit I am definitely a skimmer) I recommend actually reading her post because she is such a witty writer. Anyway, here she is:

Running is dangerous. Every time I try to move faster than a jog, my heart starts beating irregularly and I feel faint as the temptation to dial 9-1-1 mounts. I do not recommend such exertion to anyone--except in emergencies, like when those catchy notes to "The Entertainer" can be heard from the next street over. Instead, I suggest at least one serving of chocolate a day. Now, I may not be able to outrun even the most sluggish of the animal kingdom, but if I meet my death by snapping turtle, at least I will be tasty.

Here is the recipe for the fudge sauce that my mom made throughout our childhood, which has become a staple in my fridge, providing the perfect chocolate-y ending to every day:

Moose's Creamy Hot Fudge Sauce
1/2 cup of milk
1/4 cup of butter
1/4 tsp. of salt
2 cups (one 11 1/2 oz. package) of Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsels
1 tsp. of vanilla

Melt milk, butter, and salt on low. Heat until butter melts. Add chocolate bits; stir until morsels melt and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla. Makes 1 1/2 cups of hot fudge sauce.

*The original recipe called for Nestle's Milk Chocolate Morsels, but my mom has always made it with Semi-Sweet Chocolate, so I have never tried it with Milk Chocolate, but I'm sure it is delicious either way.
**If you tend to be a lazy baker, and want to heat this on medium so it melts more quickly, think twice! If it heats too quickly it will taste burnt! (Not that this happens to me all the time or anything...:)

Fact: there is no such thing as too much chocolate. Although my husband dares to disagree...In a battle that has lasted as long as our relationship, we clash on important issues such as favorite ice cream flavors, what constitutes a snack (blueberry yogurt?? I don't think so!), and whether or not chocolate is an essential part of one's daily diet. I have tried (and failed) to instill several life lessons in him, such as, but not limited to:
1) Vanilla ice cream is chocolate ice cream MINUS THE FLAVOR
2) The flavor that best compliments chocolate is more chocolate, not vanilla or strawberry.
3) If it's not chocolate, it's not dessert.
4) Anyone who does not think chocolate is the most exquisite flavor is missing essential taste bud DNA.
To date, I have not had much success with my chocolate brainwashing. So, I have decided the best way to win him over is to simply prove it. I made strawberry shortcake from the easy recipe off the back of the Bisquick box--but he refused to drizzle hot fudge sauce over his. And after two years of living with my addiction, he still managed to be jaw-droppingly surprised by how much hot fudge sauce I poured over mine. Trust me, strawberry shortcake needs a touch--let's be honest, a ton--of chocolate to take it from mediocre to mouth-watering.

Apparently, drizzling chocolate is another skill I can put in my "Will Never Learn" file.

Enjoy! (p.s. Please excuse my hyperbole, I do believe you are still human even if you like vanilla!:)

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They have a beautiful site full of so many gorgeous French accessories! I have fallen in love with several pieces that are now on my wish list!
 Here are two of my favorite items:

I hope you all have a marvelous Friday!


  1. Jaime... I am with you 100%! I try to convince everyone that chocolate is good for you because really it is a vegetable. It comes from a cocoa bean. A bean is a vegetable. Vegetables = Healthy therefore chocolate is healthy and must be eaten every day! The strawberry shortcake recipe on the Bisquick box is the best!!! I must say I have never tried chocolate on it, but guess what we are having this weekend????? Great post!!!

  2. Or, try melting Nutella and having that over some ice cream- YUMMY!! :)

  3. Chocolate should be a food group of its own with a recommended daily intake. Life without chocolate would be sad. BTW, LOVE the scarf.

  4. Uhhhh, yeah...! Chocolate is essential. When i want chocolate, NOTHING else will do! Great yummy photos, and thanks for the recipe!


  5. Fun post! I LOVE chocolate. My whole family does. Growing up dessert was never complete unless we had chocolate in some form. The chocolate sauce sounds decadent. I will be whipping some up this weekend. Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe. Lovely sponsor! Have a great weekend.

  6. YUM!! This looks divine! I cannot wait to check out your fall decor photos..I'm needing some inspiration!! Hope all is well and hugs to you!
    Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor

  7. Ha! I say number three ALL the time and people think I'm kidding!

  8. YUM....I am a fellow chocoholic too . I have made the s'mores cookies and I will likely make this very soon. It looks delish.

    Exercise IS very dangerous. I decided to start exercising a few weeks ago when Kate started kindergarten and I injured myself SO badly ...I have a stress fracture and plantar fascititis and needed $400 inserts ofr my shoes just from 45 minutes on a treadmill!!!!!

    Have a great weekend Jamie and Jennifer!

  9. My whole family are chocoholics and particularly love hot choc sauce so I cant wait to try this for them. We would all agree that there is definitely something wrong with people who dont adore chocolate the way we do!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I throughly enjoy reading your blog everyday. You guys are adorable. I don't know which I like more the recipes or the decorating. And you are all so talented including your Mom. How did she get the name Moosie? . I am going to make this yummy recipe.Have a wonderful evening.

  11. Ouch, Kim! That sounds awful! Now I am convinced I shouldn't bother to start working out again - haha!

    Anon - Jason gave her that nickname many years ago. I can't even remember exactly how it started except her was egging her on and then it stuck. I will have to ask him exactly how it started.

  12. This hot fudge sauce is a dream!!! I wanna smother it all over Belgian waffles some bananas and berries! Just thinking about it makes me drool!

  13. Wowza, this stuff sounds amazing! Totally pinning this for the next time we have hot fudge sundae's...or when I just want to eat it by the spoon! ;)

  14. Love the dishes with beading. Can you give info?

  15. Thanks, they are from the Emma Collection at Pottery Barn.


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