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Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Few Pictures from our Vacation

I will be back tomorrow with an update on our move but thought I would share a few photos from our vacation last week. We are so grateful to some family friends of Jon's who let us stay at their condo for free. We went for a full week - it was the longest vacation we had ever been on (we didn't even have a full week for our honeymoon - haha!) and it was so refreshing. The girls were in heaven. Here are a few photos. I took a ton of pictures with my phone but not very many with my real camera.

We took the girls to the top of the lighthouse on one of our last nights there.

I wish I had switched my lens before climbing up the lighthouse so you could actually tell that Jon and Lola were at the top. 

Jon's parents, his sister, her husband and their baby joined us for the last couple of days.

Lillie and baby Ella!


I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Such precious memories caught in beautiful photographs.

  2. Beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing vacation.

  3. Wait, you are moving?! And my in-laws winter in Hilton Head each fun that you got to get away for a week!


  4. Just gorgeous! So glad you enjoyed your vacation! 🌞

  5. What great light you found on your beach photos! I've had such a hard time doing that the times we've been at the beach, so count me as jealous. Love them!

  6. They are so danged adorable!

    Those little off-kilter piggy tails just brought me memories of my youngest who wore them exactly like that at that age. Awl, wow the years fly by.

    Glad you got a break and some good Gpa and Gma time for Jon's parents - it's important, as said before: time flies!

  7. These pictures are adorable! Glad you could get away...


  8. These are so sweet - I adore the tiny yellow dress, I kind of want one in my size!

  9. Precious precious girls! Can't wait to hear about your move!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous photos!...Glad to hear you had a great time!...xv

  11. I don't think they could be any cuter! Looks like u had a good time!

  12. I never tire of your beautiful pictures of your sweet angels!!!

  13. Could you tell me what camera you use? Is it still the Nikon 3000? Or do you use another one? I realy love your photos..

    1. Thanks, Mariel. I now mostly use my Nikon D700 which I have had since late last summer.

  14. Suas meninas são lindas!! Parabéns pela maravilhosa família!!
    Super beijo!!


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