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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"How Do I Love Thee?" Chalkboard Print

We have another new chalkboard design with the first two lines of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee?" poem available in our shop! We have it available in two options - one has the word love in pink:

and all the text in white 

I also wanted to introduce our newest sponsor, 11 Magnolia Lane!

11 Magnolia Lane is a beautiful blog run by three lovely ladies, Amy, Christy, and Terry!  You can read more about their blogging journey here.  There blog is full of all sorts of things from parties, tutorials, recipes and beautiful makeovers. One of their kitchen's was even featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. 

They have tours of all their lovely homes on their blog that you really should check out. This historic home that Christy used to live in just makes me swoon.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with the progress we've made in our upstairs hallway.


  1. I love the one that has the word "Love" in pink writing. I think it just makes the picture stand out alittle more. And yes PLEASE OH PLEASE!! show us some of your other rooms. I love getting on your blog and seeing all the progress you have made in your home! Follower in Md. Shawn
    ps. I would love to get together sometime (maybe meet up for lunch) as I have really wanted to go around Williamsburg and I never have. Maybe your girls and my grandbabies can have a playdate together. My grandson is 5 Lillies age and my granddaughter is 21/2 close to Lolas age I think. I am a young grandma so that why I chose to be a Nana instead. lol!!

  2. Will you be offering the "How Do I Love Thee" prints in 8x10 size? I love all of your chalkboard prints but do not have room for the 11x14 sizes.

    1. Thanks, Ailene! We will just be offering them in 11x14 this year.

  3. Gorgeous print and love the ladies at 11 Magnolia Lane!

  4. Love the cute touch of pink in the "how do i love thee" chalkboard print. It's soooo charming!


  5. Love it! What is the font used?? It gives it an amazing feel!


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