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Friday, July 18, 2014

Some Tiny Updates to Lillie and Lola's Room and the Playroom

I mentioned a little while ago that we added some pink buffalo check duvet covers from IKEA to the ends of the girls bed (and think I posted a pic on Instagram) and moved the rug from the girls' bedroom into the playroom. The duvet covers were purchased a year or so ago and we brought them up to Jason's house with plans of designing the room around them. However, we ended up going a completely different direction to keep the room more unified with the rest of his house and therefore decided to bring these back to use in our house. It was too busy with the patterns on the rug and the duvets so I ended up moving the rug into the playroom.

When I do find a new rug for the bedroom I will be going up a size bigger than the chevron one (which I think is five by eight). I'm not sure why but I have on more than one occasion gone with a rug that is too small for the space. I think it's because once you go up in size the price jumps so much. But even so, I should know better by now. Haha! So, hopefully I won't make that mistake again. =)

Here's a picture of the playroom with the rug in here. It's not what I would have chosen if I was looking for a rug for that spot but the girls are excited about it and in this room that's all that really matters =).

And here are some more photos of their room:

Their Grammy gave them this Eiffel tower so we moved the birdcage over to the other dresser and added the Eiffel tower here.

And the girl's absolutely LOVED the bookshelves their sweet little friends had when we were over there playing not to long ago and begged for us to copy them exactly! We ended up getting ours from Target instead of IKEA but they have the same look and Lillie and Lola were absolutely thrilled.

For a full source list of their bedroom click here.

And here are more photos of the playroom:


 And for a full source list and more details about our very pink playroom click here.

I also wanted to re-introduce one of our sponsors, Shay Designs

Shay Designs is a lovely business owned by Sharon. Her shop is filled with beautiful hand-stamped jewelry like this necklace :

And this pretty piece:

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. What little girl wouldn't absoulutely LOVE this play room?! How beautiful!! Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful ideas. ;)

  2. Loving those duvets! So beautiful. I am having my first baby girl and think I need one :)

  3. Both rooms are just beautiful - love all of your tweaks!

  4. That is ah so gorgeous place, I closed my eyes & imagined myself sitting in the first chair gazing out.. It felt wonderful!

  5. Such lovely rooms...the wallpaper in the girls room is spectacular.....Blessings

  6. Absolutely beautiful. I love their bedroom with the white coverlets and bits of pink...and that wallpaper is gorgeous! xo


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