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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Saturday!

I just wanted to pop in and say I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! I'll be back tomorrow (probably in the evening) and show you how the girls and I made these fun little mini valentine's cakes!


  1. Happy Weekend to you all! Enjoy!!

  2. What a pretty mini cake and looks yummy. I look forward to seeing how you made them. They'll be perfect for our Valentine's Day dinner at home. Happy Saturday Jennifer!

  3. They look delicious... and so pretty
    Happy weekend... xv

  4. I love all your pictures. Do you mind Sharing what kind of camera you use?

    1. Thanks! I now use mostly my Nikon D700 but until about 6 months ago just used a D3000 - you can read a detailed photography post here:

  5. those are so cute and elegant all at the same time. make sure you show us one of the girls versions that they made so when I make mine I can feel kind of accomplished~my cakes never look perfect. They taste great, but not so pretty!


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