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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Love You... Our First Handwritten Chalkboard PRINTS and Download is now Available!

We are so excited to be offering our first handwritten chalkboard download! This is my personal favorite as it has the most meaning to me. This quote is by Blake Bower Hubbard. He was my precious 14 year old cousin who went home to be with Jesus in a tragic accident last January. He led an incredible life and touched so many through his testimony and his love for our Savior! You can read more about him on his website Blake's Story and in this post here. We hope you will be touched by his story and love for Jesus! In honor of Blake 50% of all sales of this item will be donated to a charity.

This download is sized to print at 24"x36". Just have it printed at your local print shop and you have instant art! For an inexpensive option we recommend an engineering style print that generally costs around $3 at office supply stores (I used Staples for the print shown above).

You can put it in a frame of your own or make one using this tutorial or if you would just like to back it you can use our tutorial on making a quick and easy poster. I will do a post next week showing how I put the engineering print in the frame and how I changed it out for another print. (We have three more that we will be offering in the next week or two and quite a few more in the works!)

Here is the original chalkboard:

And here's the one that I printed off on an engineering print and framed. Jon didn't realize that it wasn't an actual chalkboard until I told him! =)

And if you are looking for a smaller size that is very easy to pop in a frame we also have our first ever prints available for sale! There's no work involved for these - just place your order and they will be shipped right to you!

We put so much effort into these prints, and I am really happy with how they turned out! They are printed on a heavy-weight cardstock and have a full bleed. They are sized at 11 by 14 inches so they will be easy to find a frame for!

And for those of you waiting on the girl with stroller cutout - I redrew it and the design is ready to go just as soon as we get in the replacement part for silhouette machine! I was able to cut out the one in these pictures to photograph but we have not been able to cut ones to sell yet - hopefully the part for the machine we are waiting on will be arriving very soon! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. happy valentine's day jen! i have a crazy question...if i wanted the large print and you say to download it and have it printed at a print shop, can you explain how that works if it's downloaded on my computer? i'm not sure if i understand what to do...i'm sure it's something easy and i must be missing something but i thought i'd see if you could explain that to me. you can see i'm not very savvy when it comes to things like this (LOL)!


    1. Hello Judy! When you download the image you just need to save it (the PDF file) on your computer. Then you can either upload the file to a site like Staples and order your print or put the file onto a flashdrive and bring it in to a print shop and have them print it for you right from the drive.

  2. eeek! I am soooo excited!! Thank you Jenni for offering, in your famous handwriting, this gorgeous download!
    You have a heart of gold. I know Blake's family will be extremely touched. Blessings to you all.
    Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy!!

  3. This is absolutely lovely! And thank you for sharing Blake's story.

  4. Do you have or is there a place where I can download prints for Christmas and Thanksgiving? You know, ones that have a Santa or turkey along with the pretty lettering?

  5. Im not seeing where the download link is.. help please!

    1. Hi! You can find that in the first sentence of the post!


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