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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adding a Desk to our Guest Bedroom/Office

*I'm so sorry these pictures are super grainy. It was a horribly rainy and overcast day when I took these so I had to crank by ISO way up to even attempt taking any photos.

We finally added a desk to this room so it can now function somewhat as an office. It probaby won't ever be used as a true home office because I do most of my computer work downstairs but it will make a great space to work on projects! I am so excited to finally have a place to setup my sewing machine and plan on adding my silhouette machine here as well.  In fact I've already sewn several things since getting it set up. (Nothing super exciting - just some basic pillows and the ottoman slipcover in the playroom - but it still was a lot of fun finally sewing again!) We still have a good-sized empty wall to the right of the window (left of the desk) and I plan on adding some kind of storage piece there to keep a lot of my arts and crafts supplies and fabric and other miscellaneous things like that.

The rest of the bedroom I think looks pretty much the same as last time we shared it except we added a fun little striped throw from IKEA.

The desk is from IKEA as well. I spent nine months hunting through Craigslist and all the local thrift stores for the perfect desk that I could makeover but had no luck so finally just pulled the trigger on this IKEA one. It was the most inexpensive option I could find that I still liked the look of. I have to say even though I had hoped to find something a little more unique I have been really happy with this. It is very well made and weighs a ton. As far as the artwork goes - I plan on hanging it on the wall as soon as I decide the exact placements of the desk but I can't figure that out until I find a storage piece so for now the picture is just leaning there. (Again, sorry about the super grainy pictures).

The chair is not an ideal fit but it was a hand-me down  (it was my parent's and then my sister Dana recovered it in black and used it in her apartment for a couple of years and then it ended up in our garage) and works for now seeing how it was free but I am keeping my eyes out for something a little bit smaller.

And here is my sewing machine that I plan on leaving up there most of the time.

And my little helper.

and my favorite part of the room is the view out the window:

Source Info:

Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss Finish
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss Finish
Beadboard Wallpaper - Allen and Roth from Lowe's
Desk - IKEA
Large Black and White Tree Picture - Pottery Barn 11 years ago
Chair - hand-me down, just in there temporarily until I find the right chair
Green Folders - IKEA
White beaded pitcher with pink tulips - Emma pitcher from Pottery Barn
Urn with tree branches - have had for years
Bed - Overstock (I still need to reupholster the headboard but I have it somewhat hidden in these pics)
Black and White Striped Throw - IKEA
Coverlet - Have had for a long time not sure where it was originally purchased
Bed Skirt and Shams - Country Curtains
Nightstands - Pier 1 about 7-8 years ago, they still carry them but they are considerably more expensive than back when I purchased ours
Lamps - Home Goods
Roman Shades - Lowe's (they've since been discontinued)
Drapery Panels - IKEA Ritva Panels
Drapery Rods - Lowe's
Sheepskin Throw - IKEA a couple of years ago
Duvet Cover - Target about 7 years ago
Rug -
Black and White Square Pillows - Target
Sheets and Standard Shams - Target
Framed Sheet of Music - Antique from my mother-in-law
Little Frames and Gold H - gifts from years ago
Basket under nightstand - IKEA
In room but not in these photos:
Dresser - Haynes Furniture in VA 5-6 years ago
Chalkboard Frame - Tutorial can be found here. (You can also purchase the print here or the download here).

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! We are in the middle of having our new counters and backsplash installed. I am hoping to share a little peek at some point soon on either Instagram or Facebook.


  1. It is beautiful!! And your photos are amazing as always!!

  2. Quite the view out that window! This is such a lovely space. Perfect for getting projects done :)

  3. I love poster beds but have always worried one would make my room look small. Do you have extra tall ceilings?

    1. Hi, Amanda! Our ceilings are actually on the low side--right around 8 feet.

  4. pretty! A great room to sew in for sure!

  5. Desk looks good in that room and it'll certainly be a pleasure to sew in such lovely surroundings, but the main reason I am commenting to to say I am very proud of you. why? because you could have told us that desk came from anywhere you wanted to say it came from and none of us would have known any different. Instead you were Honest and that in blogland is getting tougher and tougher to find.
    My sincere thanks.

  6. Jennifer, the room is beautiful and I love the desk in the space!

  7. I LOVE the princess in the picture !!

  8. Love the room! I have this same IKEA desk and LOVE it. Hope you will, too! Looks great!

  9. Gorgeous room!!! Love everything!!! Those throw pillows are fabulous!!!


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