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Monday, May 5, 2014

Some More Projects in our Playroom

Well, after a few hiccups with my computer/internet last week I am finally able to get back to posting. Today I am going to share with you a couple more projects we did in our playroom and then hopefully tomorrow but most likely Wednesday I will share the full playroom, including the wallpaper wall with lots of before and afters and a full source list. (You can see the first couple of projects we did in this post here).

For this morning though, I thought I would show you the progress we've made on this wall in the playroom. This room had an interesting mix of trim going on - there was some creamy tan trim, some country blue trim and also lots of dark wood trim as well.

The layout in this room is a little odd but once we moved things around a little bit it started flowing a little better. The before pictures are a random collection of things I found on my phone. I somehow never remembered to take any before shots with my real camera.

This before shot was from the day we moved in.

Now that you get the general feel for this side of the room here are a couple of the projects we worked on over here. When I made our oversized chalkboard in our kitchen I had this leftover piece of whiteboard (I painted the backside of it with chalkboard paint for the one downstairs). The girls played with the extra whiteboard all of the time so I thought I would frame it out similar to how I have done several of our other chalkboards (you can find a tutorial for one of them here) and add some brackets and hang it on the wall. And then we hung some photos from it on the top area seeing how they can't really reach that high anyway.

We also had this little easel that had a whiteboard on one side and chalkboard on the other that my parent's had given Lillie when she she was just one or two. Shortly after she got it she decided to draw ALL over the wood part.  Fortunately she didn't really try it again after that first time but she did so much damage that first time that it probably wouldn't have mattered - ha! Well, we finally got around to spray-painting it so now it looks new. (And this isn't the best before and after shot seeing how the before shows the whiteboard side and the after shows the chalkboard side -whoops)

For this project I used wrapping paper and taped off the whiteboard and chalkboard and then just spray-painted it. I used white for the main part of the easel and then I took off the little parts that hold the chalk and dry erase markers and added some tape to the base of those and sprayed them with the same gold I used on the knobs of the side table and then just pulled the tape off and reattached them to the easel.

If you are wondering why I would bother to go to all the trouble seeing how the wood would have looked fine in their playroom here's a little closeup of just how bad it looked before (and that's Lola's version of Olaf).

To the left of the hanging whiteboard is this little IKEA system we used to have in our old kitchen. We hung it up here and it holds their dry erase markers and on the other side some rags for erasers.

And another little project we did was to add some little house numbers on the stairs.

Most of their small toys are in these baskets. There is a basket for each type of thing (for instance all their play kitchen stuff is in one, doll clothes are in another one, dress-up and accessories in another one, etc.) I plan on adding a little chalkboard label to each one and writing on it what is inside but we've used this system for a little while now even without the labels and it has worked really well. The lemonade sign is something we used to sell and are hoping to have it in our shop again in the near future.

If you go up those three little stairs, behind the shelf is the girl's little playhouse. Their Grammy made it for them and they love it. They also love that you have to go up the stairs to their "little house" and that it's kind of a secret fort. Lola was actually playing in there while I took most of the photos of the playroom so I didn't get the best shot of it but the detail on all four sides is amazing! There is mail that goes in the mailbox and an apple tree on the back with removable apples and windows with curtains.

This was a gift from the girl's great aunt. I don't know where it is from, but we love it!

Source List:

Wall Color - Just Peachy by BM in Matte Finish
Trim Color - Simply White by BM in Semi-gloss Finish
Door Color - Mopboard Black by BM in Semi-gloss Finish
Rug - HomeGoods
Storage Cubbies with Baskets - IKEA
Large Whiteboard - We made it more details how to make a similar one here and here
Easel - Gift several years ago
Handmade Playhouse - Gift
Piano - Gift
Rocking Chair - Gift
Doll in Chair - Pottery Barn Kids
Table and Chairs - IKEA
Kitchen Set - We purchased it online about 4 1/2 years ago during a huge sale for Lillie's 1st birthday
Rod with Hanging Baskets - IKEA
Chair - Was passed down from a great uncle when I was in college
Basket Holding Tulips - IKEA
Picture hanging on door - Tutorial can be found here
Numbers going up stairs - Lowe's
Shelf above kitchen set - Target years ago
Tall bookshelf near door - Target years ago

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Would like to ask a question regarding painting trim? Do you sand your woodwork first then use a primer then your paint? Working on my daughters house and hoping we don't need to lightly sand.....And how do you paint the woodwork when there is carpet in the room? She has 2 rooms with carpet. Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Love your blog and all the info you share. Ann in Indy

    1. Thanks, Ann! We have never sanded trim before putting on the primer, and haven't had any problems with it yet. In our previous home we just put a drop cloth down on top of the carpets when we the trim. I know some people find those wide straight edge tools to be helpful with trim as well.

  2. Jennifer the room is beautiful. Such a unique space, perfect for two little dolls to play!

  3. I love their playroom. It is so girly and cute. Great job.

  4. Beautiful! Such a perfect hide away room for little girls, and they look like they absolutely love it!

  5. Wonderful job- what a dreamy little girls playroom. Lucky ducks!

  6. What a beautiful and fun playroom for the girls! The playhouse is darling. One of my most favorite memories as a little girl was playing dress up with lots of fancy dresses. It looks like both of your girls like to do that. It's a wonderful space you've created for them Jennifer to spend hours playing, creating, reading and having fun! I bet they love the pink!

  7. Oh my gosh, it is all so cute! I love love the pink walls with the red chandy! Nothing could be more appealing than that combo! What a charming, pretty and inviting playspace! and The baskets on the shelves are so great too for keeping the toys and clutter at bay. Looks like the girls are pretty darn happy in there too!


  8. Wow! Little Girl Heaven! You are a genius! So many adorable and creative details. Absolutely adorable and amazing!

  9. This makes me desperately want to finish our attic even more than I already wanted to. I love it!

  10. Playroom perfection! The girls will make wonderful memories there!! You are an amazing mom! Where is the lemonade/puppet show stand?

    1. Thanks so much, Erica!!! Sadly the lemonade stand got damaged during the move :( We kept it in the garage for a while thinking that we would try to fix it up when we got the chance, but a few weeks ago we decided that it was probably past the point of being able to fix :(

  11. I love it is so perfect for the girls...I really like the large black and white photo on the door that is great memory decor with impact.

  12. I’m truly impressed how the room turns into a wonderful and brilliant playroom! I love everything here and it makes me wander around how it looks like to have one of it in the house. Happy to see the kids enjoying and living a life that full of imagination! Exquisite!

    Sebastian Chuter

  13. So beautiful! It's amazing how much the feel of the room changed just by furniture placement alone! I'm sure your girls will make many happy memories there!

  14. So lovely! Like all details :)
    You give me some ideas for my playroom too.


  15. Very lucky little girls to have such a beautiful playroom and to have such a clever and talented Mom to create it for them! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love the play room! Is the white board from Lowe's a dry erase board? Such a wonderful idea!

    1. Thanks! And that's correct, it is dry erase, which works well for the girls.

  17. Oh my goodness! This space is just too adorable! Love what you have created for your girls:)

    Jennifer I have followed your blog by email for a couple of years now, but your posts stopped arriving about 2 weeks ago. I subscribed again and it is still not working.

    1. Thank you! And sorry about the emails not coming in! Someone else reported the same problem last week so we looked into it a bit further. It seems like a few major email providers blocked their users from receiving emails from Feedburner (the tool we use to send out the blog posts to email readers). We will definitely be trying to figure something out pretty soon here, so hopefully you will begin receiving them again shortly! Sorry!

    2. I think we may have fixed the problem... fingers crossed!

  18. You have such vision! Truly amazing! :0)
    Kim McCoy~Williamsburg, VA


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