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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Andrea Hallett and a "Sweet" Little Gift!

Around a year or so ago I stumbled across a website that I absolutely fell in love with: Andrea Hallett Photography. I don't know that I have ever seen a photographer's work that so completely took my breath away. Every photo I looked at was so beautiful and ethereal yet so natural too! I don't even know how much time I wasted that first day browsing through her website and blog. For the past year every few weeks or so I would head over just to admire the beauty. A couple of months ago, Andrea placed an order for several items from our store. When I saw her name I got so excited - I called my mom and sisters and told them that there was this photographer whose site I had been stalking for a year and she had actually bought some stuff from us! We started conversing back and forth and I am super excited that she is going to shoot some of our new items this spring! I can't wait. I also really want her to photograph our new little munchkin and Lillie when the new wee one arrives. I haven't ever had any professional photos taken of Lillie (although I know that Lillie certainly isn't lacking in having her photo taken - haha! It's just never been by a real photographer), so I think it would be so much fun to have Andrea shoot Lillie and our new little girl!

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked as usual. Andrea has used some of our items during a few of her photo shoots and was kind enough to let me share a few of them here on our blog. I actually have been meaning to do this post for a while now but as always am a bit behind!

And here are some of her beautiful daughter, Emme!

Head on over to her website and blog to see more of her beautiful work!

A few days ago I received a lovely surprise gift in the mail. Melaine, from My Sweet Savannah had sent me this beautiful framed print that she made using November quote by L. M. Montgomery that we had on our blog a few weeks ago. I was so touched.  How sweet was that?  

Lillie was pretty excited to help me open the box because I told her it was from the lady who sent us the "birdies". We had gotten some black crows from Melaine back in October and put them along with some hang tags in our bare tree in our dining room and Lillie LOVED them. In fact during many meals we had to pretend to "feed the birds" because she thought they were hungry! She was quite disappointed when I took them down after Halloween!

We will be hosting a
Thanksgiving Giveaway tomorrow
so be sure to come back and visit!

I also have several posts planned for the next few days including pictures of the newest pillows Lillie and I made last night (she's becoming quite the little helper) as well as one of the ballet slippers I made for her party and her party invitation.
Happy Thursday!


  1. her pictures are beautiful! you are so lucky that you get to have baby girl #2 (does she have a name yet? i think i remember a sweet email you sent me many month back, prior to pregnancy about a name?!) and lillie! make sure to get a few family shots in there as well!

    i NEED that little hat for lola! gotta put it on my christmas list! her hair isn't that long so i don't know how she will photograph in it, but i am so obsessed with it!

  2. gorgeous pictures! especially love the first one!

  3. Where do you find all these beautiful children and where can I get one?!? Ha ha.

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. Jenni, how exciting!! Love Andrea's work and how cool it must feel to see your beautiful accessories photographed by her. Makes me want to go and buy the necklace right now!! I just might.
    I also follow My Sweet Savannah, love her blog- what a beautiful gift from Melanie. :)

  5. Jen, you are so sweet! You didn't have to blog about that! :) Tell your sweet little daughter the bird lady says hi! Melaine

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Andrea's blog and website. I am a photographer wanna be and love to see work that touches me! You, my dear, are as professional as they get! Your pictures of Lilly are always so beautiful! Another great one is Heidi Hope Photography. Check her out! Can't wait to see what you have whipped up!

  7. Love the little girl!!!!!!! and your site!!!!!!!!!


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