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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lillie's Christmas Room and a Few Other Things

Here are some pictures of Lillian Annabel's room decorated for Christmas. Just like the rest of the house we went pretty simple and just used a mix of fresh and faux greenery. I also have taken pictures now of our master bedroom and will hopefully have time to post those tomorrow.

Here is one of the stockings that my mom made for Lillie's first Christmas - I can't believe that was two years ago! Where does time go? In fact it was two years ago right now (the date isn't the same but it was around two in the morning the Sunday after Thanksgiving) that we were on our drive back from Liberty after a basketball game that we hit that infamous deer and ended up at the hospital where Lillie made her arrival hours and hours and hours later! Thus the nickname Deer Lillie and eventually the name of our shop, Dear Lillie. We changed the spelling because we figured people would be very confused why we spelled it after an animal. Ahhh - I am getting sidetracked, as always! Anyway, we are selling a similar version of this stocking in our Etsy shop. We just put a little bit of greenery poking out of it to add a pop of color.

Jessica at Joyfolie sent us the little fur stole and boots! Now if I could just get Lillie to put them on! She has decided that boots are too hard to walk in =(....oh well, even if she never gets over that they look so pretty in her room I am content just staring at them!

The tree didn't last long in her room as she informed us it was "so scary" while clutching her heart. I am a tad confused seeing how she was soooo excited about all of the other "baby trees" that we had in the house that we made an extra trip back to Lowe's to get her this one for her room. Oh well! I just ended up moving this one to our room!

Our friend Kelly was working at the Santa's Land in New Town this afternoon so we brought Lillie over. Last year she did fine but this year she was absolutely petrified of Santa. She loved the train they had going around one of the trees, though, and spent about 45 minutes playing with that - but she wanted absolutely nothing to do with poor ol' Santa!

We also had another basketball game. We are hosting a Thanksgiving tournament and played last night, tonight and again tomorrow. We won both last night and tonight - yay! Our neighbors came tonight and I think Lillie and Jackson had as much fun tickling each other as they did cheering.

And here is Lillie with Miss Kelly checking out our mascot who she refers to as the "birdie"

And of course her favorite part of any game is once it is over getting to run around on the court. There was a new security guard working down on our corner tonight who informed them only coaches and players were allowed on the court but Lillie and Kyla were quick to let them know it was okay =)

 Lillie and her best friend Kyla! They picked up right where they left off last season and go crazy as soon as they see each other! Here they are on the bench after the game. I am pretty sure they wish they could sit here DURING the game!

Well, that's it for now! It is late and I still have some more work to do before crawling in bed.
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. LOVE Lillie's room! so funny she was scared of the little Christmas cute!! ;) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hugs,Rachel

  2. It must have been so cute and funny to see hear say that the Christmas Tree was so scary.

    Just Better Together

  3. I know how you feel about her being scared of the Christmas tree. You just never know what will scare kids. My girls have plenty of irrational fears. When they came in from playing in the snow the other day, my husband had built a fire to help warm them up. My oldest wouldn't be anywhere near the fireplace because she didn't like how the fire crackled.

  4. Lillie's room looks adorable! I'm sad we're moving next month so I don't think any decorating will happen...we'll see how motivated I get! Keep posting amazing pics and I just might decorate!

  5. Beautiful! You have the magic touch decorating!

  6. cashlen is terrified of Santa too. man i wish you could come decorate my house!

  7. You do such an amazing job! The simplicity of your decorative touches is just the ultimate in classy and elegant. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  8. Her room looks beautiful!! Love it!

    And I know Evy will hate Santa this year too. he is a little scary I guess, with that big beard! ha So cute! xoxo

  9. Jenni, Lillie's room is beautiful!

  10. OMGosh! I started cracking up at the comment of Lillie clutching her heart and said the tree was too scary!!! LOL! Too cute! Paris says the same about her Joyfolie boots!:( Super sad about that!
    Lillies room is GORGEOUS!:) Everything is so nice and tidy and feminine! LOVE it! I can't wait to start on Paris's big girl room:) I don't even know if I'm going to bother with Santa's lap this year:( We were passing Santa in the mall and Paris literally stuck up her nose at him and turned her head??!! We'll see:)

  11. lillie's room is so beautiful, i love the simple and classy touches! it is so funny about the tree!

    and the picture of her with santa and mrs. claus! too much! seems like when they are really little they like him, but around 2-3 they are so scared!

    congrats on the two wins! the pics of the kiddos at the game are adorable.

  12. Her room is adorable! I am dying of laughter at her saying the tree was "so scary"! Too cute! Have a great week :)


  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who changes up my girl's rooms with the seasons! My daughter, Leila was terrified of Santa two Christmases ago when she was almost two, and last year she was leery of him,but took a picture....this year she ran right up to him!

    Best Wishes!

  14. Jennifer~your blog and home and daughter are all just beautiful! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! I'm gonna go check out your Etsy shop now! :)

  15. She is just so precious! I adore her room! Beautiful always, Jennifer!;)


  16. What a sweet room! How cute that she was clutching her heart with fear over the tree.

    Her stocking is adorable. I'm going to attempt making stockings this year since I can't find what I'm looking for ~ this may or may not be a good idea on my part :)


  17. Ok, I must know: how does Lillie not destroy her room?

    I have a little book case that I turned into a wardrobe for Mia. I put embossed wallpaper pn the back (the kind that looks like old tin ceilings) and painted it white. I have all Mia's cute tiny dresses hanging and then her collection of shoes on the shelf and every EVERY nap time, she empties the entire thing!

    Btw, Mia doesn't like boots either; "Princesses wear shoes." If you want to, you can send them back and I'll make some silver velvet ballet flats for you instead.

  18. Gorgeous room!
    Jessica's shoes are are like little pieces of art -it seems like a shame to wear them they are so pretty! I am planning to display them all over Emme's big girl room when I finally get it done! I look forward to all of your decorating posts!

  19. Beautiful room! Where did you find the bodice metal thingy that the tutu is on? and what do you call it?

  20. Oh my goodness, how adorable. I love the wings.

    Warmly, Michelle

  21. Thanks everyone! I got the metal dress form at Hobby Lobby about four years ago.


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