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Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Christmas Bedroom

Well, here is the second to last post on our Christmas decorating. Once we get our tree (hopefully this afternoon after Miss Lillie's nap) I will take pictures of our living room. Maybe next year I will be organized enough to have all of the Christmas decorating in one post! Actually with two wild ones running around next year probably not! Anyway, here is our master bedroom:

The fresh evergreen in this stocking has since been removed as Jon did not appreciate the mess it made every time he opened his sock drawer =).

Yes, I am seriously addicted to this book project. There is nothing better than a project that you like how it looks and is FREE! I think there will be about ten bundles of them around our house when I am done!  =)

And here is a picture of Lillie checking out the horses in Colonial Williamsburg on Saturday.
I can't believe her birthday is in just two days!

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I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!


  2. Love the "Christmassy" touch in your room. Can't wait to see what else you do to the rest of the house.

  3. Oops! I just scrolled down your blog and saw the rest of the decorating. I'm a little slow, LOL. I loved the little glass covers over the pine cones.

  4. We all know Dana was only there for the last picture...

  5. ~*Beautiful!!~*~*Darling pics of Lillie too!! Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  6. Your beautiful pics have finally motivated me to get decorating. I'm headed out now for some rosemary trees and plan to wrap the base in burlap as well, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I hope you get your xmas shot you're looking for

    Just Better Together

  8. It is called Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore...I think.... it's been a little while since we painted and I have major pregnancy brain! =)

  9. oh. My. goodness! Beautiful! I just found you via tatertots and Jello on FB! I love your decorating style! Off to have a look around!

  10. I LOVE what you did with the bedroom! So natural, the greenery is beautiful! Love Lillie's plaid skirt!! Good luck with the X-mas card shot (I think those last few pics are pretty cute! ;-)

  11. your bedroom looks beautiful. I've never decorated my room before. Maybe someday when I have furniture that I love I will be inspired to decorate it for Christmas.

    I know what you mean about having an idea in your head. I've done that before and it never seems to work out. But you'll end up doing something else you'll love. she's such a cutie there is no way you can go wrong!

  12. Beautiful! :) Absolutely love the book project and can't wait to try it out myself!

  13. Men, they just don't understand decorating! :)
    I love the rosemary trees. They are so pretty and smell so good!

  14. Beautiful Jenn!!!!

    I remember one year when we went to High Point, NC (furniture market) We went into one of my all time favorite showrooms, Guild Master, some SERIOUSLY fabulous furniture!!! They had all of these old romance novels with thier covers ripped off, stacked and tied with twine. They had them STUFFED in every armoie and cabinet piece in the showroom!!! It looked awesome!! We (all the designers) came home (our furniture store) and did the same thing all over our showroom!!:) I just haven't tried it here at my house yet!!! I LOVE that look!!!:) I like how you tea stained them!!! Great idea!:)

  15. Hi Jennifer...I'm not sure where I've been. I keep thinking that surely I must have been to your blog before, but perhaps not. In any case, I just "discovered" it today, and I have to tell you that I am completely enamoured. Your blog is lovely, your photography is amazing, your home is beautiful and I adore your shop...I hope that you will still have some fairyland shirts available before Christmas...I LOVE them!

    So I've literally spent at least the last hour going through your old posts...and I just love everything! I'll definitely be back!

  16. Your room is gorgeous and I love your paint color!

  17. HI, I LOVE your room. I was just wondering how you did your book progect??? And was also wondering where you found your bedskirt?? Thanks!!!

  18. I saw the book project on Miss Mustard Seed's blog quite some time ago... Not sure exactly where or I would post the link. Its been quite a few years since I bought the bedskirt, but it was either from Target or JCPenney

  19. How did you get the books to look antiqued???

  20. To get the antique look I ripped the covers off, first I tea stained them, then watered down some brown paint and rubbed that on the edges.

  21. Dear Lillie,

    I am going to use these ideas for our home. I have in the past used lots of your ideas, my favourite is our bed tree which I made with my grand daughter at Easter.

    I wonder though if you and your viewers could help me. I am looking for ideas for Bed and Breakfast decore for the whole house. I am in the throws of buying a property on the coast in England and would love some ideas. The blog is

    I would be so grateful for any help ladies. I just want some ideas to make the place that little bit different.
    Thank You
    Mrs C

  22. Dear Lillie,

    I was wondering where you got your headboard. My husband and I are looking for one similar to this style and I just love how "cushiony" it looks. Would you mind sharing?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi - I checked with Jenni about the headboard and she got it from

    2. I am excited to get this headboard for my daughters room, it looks amazing. There are two white versions available on hayneedle. The first is a more pure white that is velvet and the other is a cotton/silk that looks a bit more off white but I can't tell from the picture. Do you happen to know what hers is made of? I really want to make the best choice as I'm sure shipping it back would be a huge hassle.
      Thanks so much in advance and I am in LOVE with Jenni's blog and the gorgeous home she's put together!

    3. Hi - Jenni's headboard is "White Duck," so I'm not sure if they changed the name or not, but my guess is that is would be closer to the pure white one.


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