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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Cards and Birthday Hang Tags

We are excited to finally have our first set of 5 by 7 folded cards available! (And we have quite a few more designs that will be ready soon.) Each set comes with 8 cards and 8 white envelopes:

We also have our birthday gift tag sets available! They come in sets of 15 and make a great accent to write a little note on the back of and slip under the ribbon on a birthday gift or punch a little hole in and tie onto something! Please note though:  These do not come with rounded corners. We had planned on selling them that way but had to switch to the square corners (as shown in the last photo on the product website). As soon as I have a chance I will rephotograph them to show the square edges but I wanted to go ahead and list this at the same time as the birthday cards. They are in stock and ready to ship, though and will be rephotographed as soon as I have a chance.

We also have our Happy Birthday To You print now available in the larger 11 by 14 size (along with the 8 by 10's we introduced earlier this month).

And there is also our large download:

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!


  1. They're awesome!

    Perfect to use/give to the gents - most b-day things are entirely too girlie.

    Love this new addition, Jenn!

  2. Yay - I've been so excited for these!!! Great idea, Jenni, and I think you will sell a LOT of them so get ready!!!
    Leah: )

  3. Wondering if the cards/gift tags have more of a glossy or matte finish?? (I guess I'm assuming matte...)

    1. They have a matte finish, Leah. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  4. I just received your "wonderful world" postcards and LOVE them. So excited to send to special friends. Will be anxious to see you roll out more postcards and folded cards. We live in Kansas, so were thrilled to see the "somewhere over the rainbow!" Really enjoy reading your blog and visiting your shop.

  5. It is a HAPPY Monday thanks to you Dear Lillie!!

  6. bought the wonderful world post cards. And of course blogged and pinnned some. Lori

  7. How do you find time to make such beautiful art?!!


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