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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our Linen Closet Makeover

Now that all the main parts of the house have all been painted it's time to start tackling the closets. We won't be necessarily making them all "pretty" but we do need to clean them up and paint them.  Our linen closet is right at the top of the stairs and seeing how a few members of our family seem to like to leave the doors open we figured it would be nice to clean this one up and make it more visually appealing after we got it painted.

The first thing we did was pull out the shelves and paint the walls (Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore) and painted the shelves (Simply White by Benjamin Moore).

I originally planned on using a wallpaper I had picked out but realized the access panel might be a little tricky so I decided to just paint and use a stencil for a little more interest. Because I decided that pretty much at the last minute I just ran to the craft store and found whatever stencil I thought would work size-wise and went with it. Because it's just a linen closet and it was gong to be pretty hidden anyway with everything on the shelves I wasn't too worried about it being very perfect.

Once we got it painted and the shelves were fully dried we put the shelves back in and started organizing. We got new baskets, towels. and glass jars from Wayfair. We hid a lot of our not so pretty things in all the baskets. For instance we have several very colorful sheet sets with Disney characters that are all in one basket and lots of our other sheets are in other baskets. The more colorful towels that we don't use very often are up in one of the top baskets as well as our dehumidifier. Then we've got lots of other miscellaneous and more colorful items in the other baskets and boxes. All of the white towels and washcloths that we use every day are out and easy to grab along with toilet paper and some of the extra sheets and blankets we use on a more regular basis. The jars with clothespins are more decorative but as these doors get left open quite a bit, it's nice having something pretty to look at every time we walk by.

We added an inexpensive hook type thing to hang our mini ironing board and iron on. I used some fabric from a shower curtain to recover our ironing board. It doesn't necessarily match the rest of the space very well but it was a fun print and all I could find.

I love these bird jars so much! I think they would be fun to use at a party filled with candy.

Source List:

Wall Color - Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
Trim and Shelf Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore
Stencil - Martha Stewart, from Michael's
Top Shelf:
    Baskets - Wayfair
    Jars with Bird Top - Wayfair 
Second Shelf from Top:
    Storage Boxes - Wayfair
    Washcloths (and hand towels and bath towels on the other shelves) - Wayfair 
    Miscellaneous Bed Linens - Some from IKEA some from Target
Third Shelf from Top:
    Wire Baskets - Wayfair
    Hand Towels in Wire Baskets - From lots of places, have had for years
    Quilts - From Target about 8 years ago
Fourth Shelf from Top:
    Hand Towels - See washcloth link above
     Jars with Bird on Top - Wayfair 
     Quilts, Blankets and Pillow Cases - From lots of places, have had for years
Bottom Shelf:
     Towels - See washcloth link above
     Storage Boxes - Wayfair
     Baskets on Left - HomeGoods
     Laundry Basket - HomeGoods

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday and a wonderful rest of the weekend!
Disclaimer - Wayfair provided me with items from their website in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. Oh, to have a linen closet that size would be a prize for us. Yours is beautiful and the stencil just the icing. Love those bird topped jars. Hopefully ordering several today since we are expecting four to six inches of snow here in Ohio. But tomorrow is March. Spring is on its way. I'm being positive.

  2. Well this is a beautiful makeover. It looks fresh and pretty and good with the doors open. xo

  3. It looks so pretty! What a good feeling that must be. :)

  4. This looks wonderful! I love that scalloped stencil- so sweet and interesting to look at. What a great idea for an easy way to add a decorative touch to a small space. Thanks for sharing your redo!

  5. This is inspiring, and I thank you for it. Our linen closet in a wreck on its best day. I am pretty sure you would find Jimmy Hoffa in there. We are in the process of prepping our house to put on the market so you post will be put to GOOD use!

  6. I can't handle your closet being cleaner and tidier than my house!!! Love that stencil! xoxo Jamie Lou

  7. Love it! Wish my house looked half as organized as your closet! ;)

  8. I love your organization but I have one question....where do you keep all of your extra toiletries and medicines? Ours always see to end up I the linen closet.

    1. Thanks! One of the bins is dedicated to those things.

  9. Beautiful transformation!! Love the stencil...and the size of that closet! Awesome! =)

  10. Wow, it looks great! Want to come do mine? ;-) Actually I am seeing a lot I can incorporate into some of my closets. My issue is mine are very deep. Things get lost in the back.

  11. This is lovely! And how adorable is the stencil idea! Gorgeous!

    Isabel xx

  12. I love this makeover, crisp and clean and the stencil is perfect. Sorry to ask this here, I have been searching all over your blog and couldn't find the info. I know your family loves the ikea Ritva curtains and I love how they look in all of the rooms you have posted where you and your family have used them. I discovered there are about 5 ways to hang these curtain panels, I love the look of yours (and in your mother's home in the girls room), can you tell me what method you used to put them on the rod...did you use hooks or the stringy slide through panels on the back? Sorry for asking here but thanks for your help.

    1. Thanks! We just slid the rod right through the openings!

  13. So beautiful! I can't believe it's a stencil. When I saw the photo on instagram I thought it was wallpaper. Thank you for the inspiration. My linen closet is now calling my name.

  14. As if your house wasn't beautiful enough? Now your closets? You have outdone yourslf- even Martha Stewart has a STAFF to do all she does, but you do all this on your own. I am so jealous. I'll say it again- we could really get to hate you, you know...

  15. What a beautiful linen closet! I just love the bird jars! You know my love of birds so my eye went immediately there. You did a gorgeous job as always Jennifer.

  16. It's wonderful! ... a work of art. I crave and love organization... probably because my mind is so disorganized - so when i see something like this that is beautiful and functional, i fall in love...


  17. Soooooo pretty !


  18. So beautiful! You have such wonderful organization skills! Thanks for the post! I feel inspired! Greets, Storage Enfield Town Ltd.

  19. Just wondering what your closet dimensions (roughly) are? We just tore out a useless set up and are adding a stacked laundry on one side and linen on the other.

  20. Will you please show me how you fold your bed linens like your blankets, quilts, sheets, etc. Everything looks so beautiful and I can't figure out how to fold my linens like you do!

  21. Will you please show me how you fold your bed linens like your blankets, quilts, sheets, etc. Everything looks so beautiful and I can't figure out how to fold my linens like you do!

  22. Love this! I would love a folding lesson as well! Also, what size are the baskets on the top shelf? I've found them in different sizes.Thank you!


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