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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lillie's "Big Girl" Room

For the past several months now I have been wanting to do something with Lillie's room to make it a little more of a "big girl" room instead of a nursery. I have been torn over what to do because she has so many things in her room that were handmade either by myself or my mom or sisters and I didn't want to have to put them away. She is turning into such a little girl now, though and her baby looking room doesn't fit her very fiesty personality. While I was home in NH this summer I saw these two pictures in RH Baby and Child and fell in love! The second I saw them I knew I wanted to use them as the inspiration for redoing Lillie's room. For basically just the cost of a can of paint I think I can transform her room to look more like this first photo! I am going to paint her walls gray. I think I am going to use the same color that I used in our master bathroom, or maybe one shade lighter. And then, with just a few little gray touches throughout the room, that will be all I need to do for now. Then hopefully, in a few more months, when we make the transition from her crib to a bed I will add in some gray bedding and it will be perfect! To be honest, I am itching to paint her room now, but Jon doesn't exactly see it as being very high on our to-do list! I may have to wait until either my parents or Jamie and Dutch's next trip down here to get it done. Normally I would just work on a painting job while she slept, but seeing how it is her room that is rather hard to do. And as much as I love her, it isn't really a project that would be very wise to do with her being my little helper.

I absolutely LOVE this room!

I don't love this one quite as much, but I do love some of the accessories!

Please ignore the absolutely HORRENDOUS quality of this photo (it was taken with an old point and shoot camera and it is so yucky I am not even going to attempt to edit it) - but you can see what her room looks like now. Although I loved it when we first did it, I am starting to get sick of the pale pink walls now and cannot wait to get them painted gray.

As soon as we get it done I will post some photos!

Also, to anyone who has sent us a convo on Etsy. I have been trying to write back for quite some time now but Etsy's convo feature is turned off right now while they are fixing something so it isn't allowing me to get on to write anyone back. Unless it comes back on soon, I will just write back to everyone tomorrow after church.

I hope you all have a most blessed Sunday!


  1. WOW, I LOVE that top photo as well, but of course her room now is darling. I'm so bad about redoing rooms, I keep them the same as long as possible... :(

    We switched Jake to a big boy bed straight from his crib about 6 weeks before Evy arrived. He was 26 months old. We kept going back and forth about a toddler bed, but in the end we figured it was better for us fiancially if we bit the bullet and got the bed and all the decorations now instead of spending extra $ on a toddler bed. I was so worried because I was afraid he would fall out and not stay in, but the reality of it was that he had been climbing out of his crib since he was 14 months old, so he was probably safer in the bed...but I still padded the ground for about a month, but he never fell out{the rails were retarded and he kept climbing over them and breaking them}. He LOVED it from day one, although he did feel the need to come into our room more since it was easier for him to get out.

    Anyway, whew...where did all that come from?!? ha!! xoxo

  2. Haha! I think we are going to do the same thing, Amy, and skip over the whole toddler bed and go right to a real one. I hate the idea of wasting money on something she will only use for a tiny bit. And I have to tell you, every time I read stories on your blog about Jake I laugh and then think - uh-oh, why I am laughing....I have all of that ahead of me because Jake's firecracker of a personality is so much like Lillie's - haha!

    I love all of the pics of Evy in her falling off diaper you just posted! That's basically what Lillie looked like most of the time we were in NH....well, when she actually had her diaper on, anyway! She decided while we were there she liked being naked and half the time we were outside she would rip her diaper off and run around like crazy and get mad when anyone tried to put her diaper back on her!

  3. ~*~ Love her room as it is now but I do think it will look even better with a light grey*Your little lillie is so precious*Good luck with the room and I cant wait to see the after pics!~*~* Blessings, Rachel

  4. How exciting!! I love the grey that you used--absolutely beautiful!!!


  5. Love the pink & gray together. Beautiful. We did not buy a toddler bed, but a twin bed for Lane and it adjusts low to the ground so she can climb out of it. Of course half the time she finds her way into our room in the middle of the night. :)
    Cannot wait to see what you come up with, it will be gorgeous!! xo

  6. What a sweet girlie room. I can't want to see the updates!


  7. I was just planning a big kid room for my kids, too! I'm skipping the toddler beds as well.

  8. i just saw those same pics from RH and thought it was so beautiful! My youngest daughters room needs a makeover so bad! But mine would take more than a can of paint. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  9. i cannot wait to see what you come up with! loving that gray!

  10. Loving the gray! I've been thinking about re-doing the girls room at some point whenever I decide to shop for new beds for the girls...or make fabric upholstered headboards. Haven't been able to decide on a color but I love the gray idea with all the pink accents. What makes it even better is that it would be more neutral for when we put our house up on the market in @2 yrs. Much more appealing for more buyers compared to the Lime Granita we have on their walls now! Thanks for sharing these images! Hope you are having a great Sunday!

  11. I just did my Thomas' "big boy room"...sigh, bitter sweet!

  12. We LOVE that 1st room too and have saved it as an inspiration for our new home. Grey with pink is so sophisticated and both are colors Lillie can grow with. Her nursery is lovely and all the handmade touches are so sweet and will certainly be special in her new big girl room.

    All 3 of my children never slept in a toddler bed. We moved into our big girl bed around 18 months and never looked back--guard rails were a must since our beds are very high antique beds.

    I look forward to seeing your darling Lillie's new room.


  13. Oh, Lillabel's room is going to be so pretty!

  14. I love, love these curtains! May I ask where you found them? The pink ties precious and I would love to recreate them in my daughter's room.

    1. Hi Ange - Jenni made the long drapery ones, and she got the ballon shade at Target.

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