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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Red Chair and a Preview of Our Latest Photo Shoot

Yay! Jon is finally here! It was a rather busy day, yesterday. It started off with a visit with my older sister, Erin and my niece Remington. We had a wonderful time, although Lillie was a bit rambunctious! Remy is about to start high school - ahhhh! Where has time gone? Erin, and her husband Mike, are due with a baby girl in October. I can't wait for Lillie to have a little cousin her age to play with! We met up at Burdick's Cafe for croissants. If you are ever anywhere near Walpole, New Hampshire you have to stop in there!!! Jon and I actually ate dinner there the night he proposed and we had our rehearsal dinner there, as well. It is this little chocolate shop that also has a french restaurant and cafe that look like they belong in a storybook. Well, actually everything in Walpole looks like it belongs in a storybook in my opinion, but I suppose I am very partial! Every time we come up to NH we always either go for dinner or at least for a coffee and a snack. I think it is probably my favorite place to eat in the world.  After that we went on a little walk around the town square and then headed home to put Lillie down for her nap. The plan was for me to leave for the airport to pick up Jon shortly after that. Nothing in our life ever ends up going according to schedule, though. His flight was supposed to get in yesterday around six but didn't end up getting in until a little after lunch-time today, thanks to weather grounding planes up and down the east coast. He made it out of Norfolk, but got stuck in Baltimore last night. Fortunately one of his players was able to pick him up and he stayed at his house. Thanks, Matt! Anyway, Lillie and I were so excited to finally see him this afternoon. She keeps running around saying "MY Dadda"...she has been saying Dadda for close to a year now but it is so funny hearing her make sure everyone knows he is HER Dad!

I can't believe my time here in New England is coming to a close. Lillie and I have had such a wonderful time here. It has not been necessarily very relaxing because it has been quite crazy and we have been so incredibly busy, but it has been oh so much fun. My last post, I shared one of Lillie's favorite things to do up here (going to the farm). This post is about one of my favorite things - antiquing! We have had so much fun hunting for things for Jamie's new house and my parent's future house (and I have have even found several things too, although I am not sure how we are going to fit them in our car to get back to Virginia). Along with several of our usual haunts, we visited a few new places as well. One of these places, White Home Collection in Wilton, I think I went to four times! They had so many gorgeous items and such great prices.

For years now, I have been wanting to go to downtown Peterborough, and visit two of the shops they have, Bowerbird and Friends and The Red Chair. Well, we finally decided to drive over there and wow, I am so glad we did! Both shops were incredible, but I completely fell in love with The Red Chair! It is exactly my style! They still have me drooling. I seriously love every single piece they had in there. I have been dreaming about several of them ever since we left. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think Jamie is going to go back and get this mirror for above the mantle in her great room

I love the mix of the extremely rustic coffee table against the ultra elegant sofa  

This mirror was incredible and huge! I want it so badly!

This may be one of my all-time favorite pieces! The store owner got it in France and it is from either the 17th or 18th century (she told us but once we got home we couldn't remember).

I love the touch of blue!

It is not a great shot of it, but this farmhouse table was gorgeous!

Oh, how I would love to work at this desk!

Jason was supposed to be in charge of watching Lillie. When I found them they had wandered into a rug shop and Lillie was snuggled up in the middle of one of them. There was a sign nearby that clearly stated to please keep off the rugs. I was mortified and had to very sheepishly pull her off (although I quickly snapped a picture first - haha)!

I will share some of our finds with you all once they are all in their places. For now, I will give you a preview of our photo shoot the other night with the vintage 1920's truck. As soon as I finish editing them, I will share the rest of them.  You can see one other one shot I took (see the header) if you visit The Penny Candy Blog, which is a brand-new blog started by one of my sisters, Jamie. She is the one who designs our clutches and most of our wedding items. I helped her design it and then today she wrote her first post! As you can tell from her blog, and from reading my brother's blog, Small Talk, they are the writers in the family. I am a more visual person so I tend to write really quickly and not put as much thought into the writing as I do the photos, but they are both wonderful writers and therefore their blogs are a much more entertaining read than mine.

Abigail Grace and Lillian Annabel

To see the rest of the pics from this little photo shoot click here.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!


  1. I have never really had a desire to visit New Hampshire until reading your posts this summer, you make it sound so wonderful and enchanting :)

    I am dying over Lillie on the rug, I love it!

    And yay, so excited to check out Jamie's blog :)

  2. I am with Alisha, now I have this desire to vacation to NH. The antiquing photos are fantastic! Oh my goodness, that mirror is gorgeous.....& Lillie on the rug is priceless. LOL
    Heading over to Jamie's blog right now. xo

    Love the sneak peek of the girls on the Model A.

  3. She's so cute laying down on the carpet :)

  4. Last week I accidentally landed on your blog! I really like the beautiful pictures of your adorable daughter!
    I am now desperately looking for some pretty skirts for my daughter!

    Regards Soraya

  5. Yummy, Burdicks! I am jealous of all the antiquing you got to do! I went the other day with a specific item in mind thank goodness, or else I can end up blowing hours..... Love the picture of Abigail and Lillabel, so sweet! xo.

  6. your pictures are gorgeous - your daughter adorable and am soo loving the furniture pieces!!! awesome

  7. hahahaha great shot of queen lillie! can't wait to see the rest of the antique care pics!


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