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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Few Family Pictures


In the past I have posted quite a few "people pictures" from our time in New Hampshire each summer - you can see a bunch from last year (here, here, here and here) and the year before (here) and the year before (here). This year though I barely took any. As I've been making my way through the photos I took of my parent's house and Jason's and editing them for the blog I've found a few "people pictures". 

Here is my mom and baby Everly:

I tried to get a few shots of Lillie and Lola with Everly (I did get one good one so I will show you that one tomorrow once I get it sized for the blog). Unfortunately the rest pretty much all looked like this or even worse. Haha!

Calla and Lillie playing dress-up:

 Papa teaching Lillie to roll her tongue up:

And while the girls were outside playing the last night we were there we quickly got this shot:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Nice to see your lovely family, even the ones of the kids being kids!

  2. Love them all, even if they're not Christmas card-worthy! :) I'm going to print one of the ones of Mom & Evie for the hall, and the last one as a small print. Thanks for taking these! xo

  3. They are precious! I like all the pictures. All those girls! Your Mom is lucky she gets to buy all of those cute girly clothes and accessories. My kids have all had boys so far(love them to death) but would love to buy some of the cute little girl's things.i especially like the one of Lilly with your Dad. So cute!

  4. I thnk they are wonderful family photos! Fun to see Lola!s little braid when she's turned around. You have a beautiful family Jennifer. The girls are growing up fast! Happy Saturday.


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